5 Reasons Why Branding Strategies (Very) Important for Your Business

To succeed in branding strategies, you must first understand the needs and desires of your customers and prospects. For that in this article I reveal a good branding strategy.

When I was in college, I once ate shrimp crackers at a restaurant in the Central Jakarta area. Shrimp crackers are very tasty, but there is no name or logo on the wrapper. 1 year passed, I try to stop at the restaurant again and try to order the same prawn crackers, it was not there. And if I know his name or if there is a logo of him, I will definitely search and buy directly!

Imagine if you are the owner of the shrimp cracker business. If your product is highly sought after by consumers, consumers can not find it because your product does not have a name or logo on which to base your product identity. You will lose potential sales! and this causes your business can not develop.

Surely you do not want the incident to happen.

What is Branding?

From the incident the business owner is not only necessary to maintain the quality of products / services offered; but also need to pay attention to how to build brand and perform branding strategy appropriately.

For more details, here I give a quote from Philip Kotler – the father of world marketing, about the definition of brand.

There are thousands, even millions of businesses selling similar products to your product. Brand is present as identity; to differentiate the products you produce with similar products produced by other business people. With the brand, consumers will be able to choose which products they will consume.

While branding itself is defined as an activity to create a name, symbol or identity to distinguish one product / service with other products / services. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs / business owners / start-up founders to consider how branding for products / services you want to sell.

Why Do You Need Branding?

If you are a businessman who just wants to start a business, maybe you still do not feel the need to create a brand because you are confident enough with the product that has been made.

But unfortunately, the product / service you create can not market itself. You must form a brand for the products / services you create for the following benefits:

1. Provide Identity of Your Products / Services

Just like what I’ve mentioned in the previous few paragraphs; brand as identity. Identity is what distinguishes your product / service with products / services of a kind owned by competitors. The most basic brand identity is the design logo.

2. Delivering Your Product / Service Value

When you build a brand, you are ready to deliver a message of value to the products / services you produce to the public. The value that you embrace and convey it can be a special magnet for the target market of products / services that your brand has to offer.

3. Establish Communication with Customers and Target Market

With the brand, you have opened the door of communication with your target market and potential customers. Brand will deliver messages to the public; value, advantages of product / service, unique selling point (USP) products / services and various other things. In addition, brand presence also allows you to get reviews from customers who have tried your product / service from your brand.

4. Building Credibility and Perception

After several people try the product / service of the brand you create, they will know the credibility of your brand and start building their perception of your brand.

5. Easing the Referral Process

In addition to encouraging purchase, brand presence also simplify the process of referrals that may be made by your customers when they are satisfied with the products / services provided by your brand.

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