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A Quick Guide on Buying an Inflatable Bounce House

The number one concern people have when buying inflatable bouncers, is safety. This is because no single shopper would want a bounce house that will be the cause of injuries to children. Also, the fact that bounce houses are fairly expensive, buyers usually want products that will last them for a much longer period. Finding an affordable, safe, and durable bounce house for sale requires that you factor in the right considerations when shopping. Below are some of them:

Setting Up a Budget

It’s not uncommon for you to be carried away when shopping for a bounce house. There are lots of excellent features which will entice you to spend more than what you can afford. In order to tame such kind of temptations, come up with a firm budget before you set out shopping. Stick to your budget irrespective of how tight it is because you will likely find a durable and well-designed bounce house at that price.

Differentiate between Residential and Commercial

Inflatable Bounce Houses

Not all bounce houses you see out there are commercial, some are designed for residential use. The difference between these two is that the commercial bounce houses are fairly stronger and can withstand hours of daily use. On the other hand, the residential variety is designed to accommodate less frequent use. For this reason, they are relatively cheaper.

The Type of Material

This is one of the easiest ways you can tell the overall quality of a bounce home. The recommended materials for quality bouncers include PVC tarpaulin and woven Oxford cloth. Most residential bounce houses are made from woven Oxford cloth which is lightweight. Commercial models, on the other hand, are made out of PVC tarpaulin which is heavier.

The Craftsmanship

It’s indisputable that bounce houses endure a whole lot of abuse. To withstand this, manufacturers use the strongest of materials which is plausible, but not enough for durability. One other factor that you need to closely look at is craftsmanship. If your bounce house is to serve you for a long time, it should have double, triple, or even quadruple stitching. If this is not so, it risks opening up and coming apart at the seams. In addition, the material chosen should have a balanced width to prevent breakage or tear during inflation and use.

The Capacity and Weight

It doesn’t matter whether the bounce house will be used predominantly outdoors or indoors, it should be easier to manage. This means it shouldn’t be bulky and so heavy. Therefore, it is important to first check the total weight of the bouncer and its capacity before making the buying decision. Ask yourself the number of children who will likely use it all at once and the estimate weight per child. Cross off any bounce house models on your list whose capacities are low.

Another important factor to consider is the existence of a warranty. Especially when buying a new bounce house, having a descent warranty is advisable. In case the warranty on your structure is limited, you may want to explore options to purchase extended warranties. This is worth considering particularly where the bouncer will be used on a regular basis.