Are Diamond Investment Profitable?

There are many investment options that you can try, each with varying prices and different investment risks. One of them is diamond stone investment. Diamond stone investment is a booming investment and is starting to attract a lot of investor attention.

Diamond is a natural stone that is resistant to scratches, not easily damaged and very durable, no wonder the price of diamonds is very expensive, and some even reach billions of rupiah. In diamond investment you usually need insurance on the diamond and this will increase your initial investment costs.

The price of diamonds is constantly on the rise, this means, someday when you want to resell your diamonds, you do not have to fear the value of your investment will decrease in price. But of course, the price of a diamond itself is determined by several factors like weight and certification that will be covered in subsequent subheads.

An investment will be profitable if you have the right investment strategy, just as with diamond stone investment. Without a proper investment strategy, your investments could be an adverse investment. One example of the right strategy is to buy a diamond as an investment in accordance with your financial ability.

Benefiting or not an investment is also very dependent on the diamond you buy. Logically, if the diamond you buy is a fake diamond then of course your investment is a disadvantageous investment. But if it turns out your diamond is a genuine diamond and the price is increasing, then your investment will give a return. Before discussing the beneficial factors, you should know how to differentiate the authenticity of a diamond.

10 Features of Original Diamonds for Investment

As a beginner, you should be careful in buying diamonds because of the rampant fraud that sells diamonds with fake certificates. Here are 10 original diamond traits that you should look at each will buy diamonds.

# 1: Hard

Diamond stones are the hardest rocks on earth, this means hard bangs or scratches will not ‘hurt’ your diamonds. Notice if there is damage to the diamond you have. If yes, then maybe the diamond you buy is fake.

# 2: Have Various Colors

Not only is the color clear, there are diamonds that are pink, yellow and blue. 3 kinds of colors including diamonds with rare types. Be cautious about buying diamonds offered by the seller especially if your diamond has a color other than those three colors.

# 3: Can Scratch Anything

Diamond hardness is higher than any object. One way to prove the authenticity of a diamond is by scraping it into an object hard enough like glass. After you scratch it, look at the diamond, if it is not broken then the diamond you have is the original diamond.

# 4: Reflecting Unclear

The original diamond is a diamond that can not reflect something clearly. If you put the original diamond over the newspaper, then you will have trouble reading the paper in the newspaper. But instead if you can read the paper in the newspaper clearly, then the diamond you have is a fake diamond. Usually fake diamonds from glass that is able to reflect things clearly.

# 5: Gray Reflection

Although the reflections are not clear, the original diamonds can only give a gray reflection color. If your diamond reflects outside color rather than gray, then the diamond is probably a fake diamond.

# 6: Not Misty

In addition to the above ways, there is an easy way you can do to determine the authenticity of your diamonds, namely by breathing into the diamond. If the fog quickly fades, then the diamond is the original diamond, but if the fog lasts longer, then the diamond is fake.

# 7: Able to Reflect Light

Surely you often hear that the original diamond is a shiny diamond. This is true, because the original diamond will be able to reflect the light around it and from each side. If there is a side of the diamond you have that is unable to reflect light, then most likely, the diamond is a fake diamond.

# 8: Can not be Heated

Original diamonds can dissipate heat quickly, which means if you heat a diamond by being heated with fire or steam, your diamond should not feel hot. A fake diamond is a hot diamond after you heat it.

# 9: Not Easily Scratched

Just like the second point above, if your diamond can scratch hard objects like glass and your diamonds are not scratched, then the diamond stone you have is the original diamond stone.

# 10: False Diamonds Float on Water

Fraudsters will use every means to form a fake diamond and are sold for the price of a real diamond. One of the ways often used by cheats is by mixing the original diamond with a fake diamond. This method can be detected by dipping diamond stones into the water. If diamonds float then the diamond is a fake diamond or has been mixed with other mineral stones.