Brilliant Business 2015

According to my friend who is a businessman and a business behavior observer, there are some Brilliant Business in 2015 that are likely to continue until 2016.

Business Motivation

Of course you can all see the extraordinary symptoms. Busy motivational seminars, from those who paid hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. This is really a smart business.

Imagine, for example, you want a property business. Being skeptical about yourself, then join a motivational seminar. When attending the seminar, the spirit was whipped up and courage pumped. But as soon as you get home, instead of doing business immediately, you’re looking for another seminar called ‘Business Property Tips’ or ‘Quick Rich with Business Property’, or ‘Business Property Without Capital’. And of course pay again with the expensive price. After following the barrage of the seminar, it turns out to want his motivation whipped again. Finally took the motivation seminar again. And so on.

As a result, be your businessperson ‘from seminar to seminar’. Instead of getting the money but instead continue to spend money. Whereas the late Bob Sadino once said, if the motivators can do business, certainly not a motivator. But maybe Bob forgot, the motivation itself has become a lucrative business field.

Mystical Business

This business is no longer using the paranormal label. The word ‘paranormal’ is consider ancient. Then the word is choose, for example ‘metaphysics’. At first glance it looks cool. Though metaphysics is one branch of philosophy science that has nothing to do with shamanism. Students of the Faculty of Philosophy must be able to scratch the warts when they hear metaphysics used to be a shamanic business shield.

Of course there is nothing wrong with the paranormal profession. As a profession it must be respect. Often the pockets wear the unnecessary stuff. These shamanic practices are now widespread and highly salable, such as changing fate by changing names or changing signatures. Or there is another sort of ‘half-closed’ sects. Somewhat covered not because of positive things, for example to be more solemn and not disturbed frenzied. Deliberately covered so that ‘power relations’ is not publicly known. Unequal relationships that tend to be manipulative, illusive, and even intimidating, can be perpetuated.

It is very likely that this business will grow more creatively, such as ‘changing the fate of a haircut model’, or ‘light dating by changing the gear configuration’, the molars converted into the front teeth. Or teeth that were originally vertically mounted so horizontally.

Do not ask the fate-changers why they can not change their own destiny. Formal answer: We help change the fate of people who need to change. And the real answer: Yes this is how we change our fate, Bro!

Business Consultant

It’s an antique business. More and more people are claiming to be consultants. If asked further, then immediately divert other issues quickly. This sort of thing happens because the word consultant tends to mean cool, not too busy, no obvious skill specifications, and as if it contains a barrage of advice.

I think this has something to do with the fondness of people who will vent. Once someone vent, then listen, be given a little advice, whether appropriate or not the advice, then be a consultant. Her friend wanted to shoot a girl, talk to her, then when her friend really got into the shoot, finally there was a reason to confess to being a consultant. Though the consultant was a girl shoot 41 times rejected solely. New to the 42nd received. That was the next morning he could call straight from his girlfriend, “I’m sorry I had a hangover last night, so I’m not concentrating. Forget the talk last night, yes … “

These three businesses will potentially continue to run well in 2016. Because now it has too much to do without having to follow standard logic. For example there is a publisher of books that hunt writers not because of the ability to write, but based on the number of twitter follower.

Why all of this can continue to get a place, because we all actually secretly follow the same style and reason. Every time with heroics want to sell the House of Representatives, exclaimed that the parliament building is a zoo.