Business Understanding, Types and Businesses You Should Know

Many people talk about Business Understanding. Business profits as well as its many diverse business types which of course have one goal to gain profit. With so many types of businesses and benefits that can be taken from the business. Of course we often feel the desire to jump into the business world to get more income. But before we deepen the science of business. Start and run a business it’s good we learn in advance what business sense. What kind and type of business we must know. So later we can know more about the business we will build and we run. When we have plunged into our business world many people do not know about Business and the various types of business.

On this occasion I want to share a review on the understanding and the kind of business that turned out to be very diverse. Like what? please refer to the following reviews.

Understanding Business

* Business In Economics, business is an organization whose activities in the form of selling goods or services to consumers or other businesses, to earn profit (Profit).

* Understanding Business Historically that is, the business word of the English business, which is the basic word of busy which means “busy” in the context of individuals, communities, or society. In this case, business means busy doing activities and work that are expected to be profitable.

Kinds and Business Types

Business itself still consists of various types. So as a result, businesses can be grouped in different types and types. One of the many ways that businesses can distinguish between businesses and the like is to group businesses based on activities / activities they do in terms of profit-making.

Some Kinds and Business Types of which are:

1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing Business is a business whose activities or activities produce products derived from raw / raw goods or consisting of several components, then made into a product and sold for profit. Examples of manufacturing are companies that produce physical goods such as vehicles or Clothing, Electronics, Fast food and so on.

2. Business Services

Business services are businesses whose activities or activities produce intangible goods / services that consumers need, so that businesses will benefit by way of asking for payment for services they provide.
Examples of business services are consultants, psychologists, website creation services and other services.

3. Re-seller Businesses and Distributors (Sellers)

Business Retailers and distributors are parties who act as intermediaries of goods / products between producers with consumers who also get a profit from sales and purchase of products. Most stores or consumer-oriented companies are distributors or retailers.

4. Agriculture and Mining Business

Agricultural and mining business is a business whose activities and activities include producing raw goods, such as plants, cultivation, mineral mining, and others.

5. Financial Business

Financial business is an activity or activity that benefits from an investment and capital management. which is given to the business actors to later get the profit share with the business actors.

Currently many emerging investment businesses such as mutual funds, investment in a company, and investment and other investment.

6. Business Information

Business information is activities / activities that generate profits, especially from the resale of intellectual property (intellectual property).

7. Business Utilities

Utilities are businesses that operate services for the public, such as electricity and Water, and are usually funded by the local government.

8. Real Estate Business

A real estate business is an activity / activity that can generate profits by selling, renting, and developing properties, such as houses, buildings and others

9. Transportation Business

A transport business is a business / activity that benefits by delivering goods or individuals from a location to a consumer destination location.

Business Transportation many examples include business taxi, public transportation, post office, delivery of other goods and other transportation services business.

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