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Hot Time in the Restaurant

When I was growing up, I never imagined that I would become a chef. I always wanted to do things like become a police officer or an astronaut. I became fascinated with cooking one day and the rest was history. I own my own restaurant that gets a lot of customers each day. Sometimes the restaurant is so packed that I have a line of people waiting an hour to find a seat. Recently, the air conditioner in the restaurant stopped working and I called for facilities HVAC management for NYC to get it fixed. I didn’t want to have hot customers or hot chefs working in the restaurant.

I had to find someone to do the repairs for the air conditioner immediately beacuse I was in the middle of dinner service and I didn’t want to send all of the customers away because the heat had gotten so bad. Everyone was starting to sweat really badly. When you’re working in the kitchen with all of the stoves and ovens working, everything feels so much hotter. It’s like you’re actually cooking along with the food. The servers are walking back and forth from the kitchen to the tables while carrying hot food, so they can feel the intense heat as well.

Once the customers started to sweat, that’s when I began to panic. Luckily the repair man arrived just in time to take a look at the air conditioner. All he did was take out some bad parts and put in new ones and it was working. The restaurant started to cool back down and everyone was happy again. The chefs could cook in peace and the servers could work without exhaustion. Most importantly, the customers were willing to stay in the restaurant and be seated while it was still open for dinner.