Importance of Building Marketing System in Business

System is a combination of several components that are interconnect to achieve a common goal, while the meaning of the word Marketing. The unification of the two words means the cooperation between several teams in the sales process of a company. This management is very important and holds a role related to business development, building marketing. The management is gradual and requires a solid team.

1. Determination of Market Share

The concept of business is certainly already well structure, including the target market. Determining the intended market share is knowing specifically about the customer’s wishes. Perform random surveys at some point of the intended location, then brief community interviews. Record key points leading to product improvements.

This step makes it easier to sell products because you already know something that is search by the community. After the sales success has reached a certain target, then go back into the field. It is to ask customer response to product quality and service

Maintain the elements customers love with their positive comments. Instead, fix product deficiencies based on insert suggestions and criticisms. Be a businessman who understands the tastes of customers and beat competitors by actively seeking out the wishes of the wider community.

2. Product Concept

Products that have conceptualize not directly work on, wait until the survey team presents data of prospective customers in the field. Discuss and innovate the product by adding elements according to the wishes of the community based on the data.

Remember, refreshes only do not completely change the concept. The timing of the completion of the production process should be as per the initial planning. The development of the era can affect the taste, quickly bring the product before the turn of the era. Competitors must also do the same, then present a product that is really different from most similar companies.

If you succeed in removing something that never existed before, the product will be selling well. Act quickly before competitors imitate this step. Regularly update product concepts to make customers more curious and wait for the next innovation. Expand Marketing personnel to launch the process of introduction and distribution of products into the hands of customers.

3. Selling Price Pricing

The final sale price is derived from the calculation of raw material costs and the funds needed to process them into ready-to-sell products. The company’s financial profits are derived from the net price raised by its value. Nominal is certainly have to adjust the ability of people to buy it. It’s useless for the Marketing team to charge high rates but no one is interest. It is the disadvantages that will affect such companies.

Low price but quality products, the majority of customers want it. Be selective when choosing sources of raw materials, surveys and select ones that offer the lowest prices. Prioritize material feasibility because it affects the finished product. Press production costs by carefully calculating the technology used with the number of workers.

Investment in the form of purchasing modern tools does require a lot of funds. Expenditure will be quickly close due to faster workmanship. The use of the tool minimizes the number of workers, because it only serves as a machine operator. Two things that successfully suppressed, namely the time of workmanship and labor wages.

4. Distribution Chain

Shorten the chain of product distribution to the price difference from producer to consumer not too far away. In fact, the price set by the company has been adjusted to the customer’s ability based on the results of the field survey. The thing that makes it more expensive is profit taken at every stage.

After a series of development of completed Marketing system is done, the next task is how to make the plan can run smoothly. It is clear that the level of sales according to the target number. Products are deliver to customers of a certain quality and quantity.

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