Make Your Own Clothing Brand. Why Not?

Business clothing line often associated with young business. The profits to be gained from this business are more than mere. But because of premature birth, many brands that appear once then disappear from the market. Nowadays a lot of clothing brand that sometimes we ourselves have never heard or seen about the brand at all. Yep! Clothing brand business in recent years is indeed mushrooming.

Indeed, if viewed in terms of business, clothing line can provide a tempting advantage.

Brand Concept

If your previous account has been abundant, you should not immediately buy cloth, rent a store, or buy screen printing equipment. Remember! Brand clothing is crammed to meet the shelves clothing store on the road protocols of big cities.

We should be imprisoned to find ideas about the brand concept that we will create. This concept will distinguish the brand that we make with the already existing in the market. Start by determining the design character you want to apply to the brand.

Lucky if you are a graphic artist, determining the character of the design is not a difficult thing. But what if it can not even design might even still think that photoshop is a store that sells photos? You can request the help of professional graphic artist.

If possible offer them a share (if a business is still small-call it a profit share). This is done in order to keep the graphic artist does not move to another brand or even create their own brand so that our brand character can be maintained.


Although the logo is just a complicated streak of unclear or simple graffiti that looks like an unintentional graffiti, the reality of a stained logo on the clothes makes the wearer proud. The logo does not necessarily have a high value.

In addition to reflecting the brand character, the logo that gives rise to pride is accomplished by a long promotional campaign process. Asking friends opinions that match the target market of our brand is one of the easiest way to find out whether the logo we created is not what it has.


Cool design has been designed, awesome logo has been made and now it’s time to produce our brilliant ideas. Then the question arises as to how many t-shirts will be produced for each design, size, and color.

The fewer the number of shirts we will produce the less profit margins we will receive if we follow the market price. But if the number is small it means our brand will be more exclusive, if more exclusive means our brand value increases.

We can set a high price for every item we make but this is not a wise choice for a brand new unless it is a medium to upper target market.

After determining the amount, do not ask “how to make t-shirts like what?” To jump in the clothing line business, we must understand first how the production process.

Quiet! If you are really blind about the production of apparel at least many vendors are happy to help. But there is nothing wrong with us a little information about the types of fabrics, screen printing ink, and of course the types of printing techniques. This we do not to be confused in determining the right vendor.


Hundreds of products have piled up in the room. The smell had already spread throughout the building. Now just how to market it. Concerning pricing has been discussed earlier, we just discussed the channel marketing problem.

There are two channels in marketing clothing products that are offline or online. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Offline channel to create a high level of customer trust because customers know where they need to find our clothing products.

Customers can ‘touch’ and ‘try’ the product directly. They can make sure the size fits her body. You can also specify the theme of ‘visual merchandising’ that suits your brand. Lack of offline channels is the cost of rental stores and high promotions.

For online channels, marketing costs are relatively lower. The offline store rental cost for a year can be higher than creating a website that can be accessed for 5 years. Promotion fee is also not as high for offline channels because a website can be used for sales and promotions.

Disadvantages in online channel is the customer does not have experience before buying the product. Doubts about the payment and shipping process may lower consumer confidence.

Then which one is better? Back again to the capital issue. The ideal actually has two channels at once. But if capital is limited, online marketing can be an option while raising capital to open offline store.