The Importance of Marketing in a Business

What is the importance of marketing? In every business venture, marketing holds a vital role for the continuity of the business venture. A business venture with ordinary product results can be a success simply because a company’s marketing strategy is quite reliable. Business with quality product not experience maximum sales if it is not do by a good marketing effort to consumers.

Otherwise marketing is an effort to promote, inform and offer to consumers about a business product. Or service managed by a company in an effort to increase the sales figures of the product or service. In the absence of a marketing process, the market will not know the product or business services that we make.

Why is a marketing process to be very important to a business continuity? Here are important reasons as a result that make marketing a major business need to continue to exist and grow:

1. Marketing to inform a product to consumers

Without a marketing process, consumers will not know about a product you produce. Increasing marketing will get more and more people familiar with your business’s business products, and it’s likely that the interest of customers will increase your company’s sales figures. Especially if you have a product that is unique and has innovative quality and value, it is very important to make a marketing or marketing efforts are maximal.

2. Describe the functions, benefits and advantages of a business product or service

Through the process of marketing, you can explain to the consumer about the function of a product, benefits, advantages, how to use and so related to the product. Because most likely consumers will be interested in buying your product or service after listening to the functions, benefits, advantages and how the correct use of the product concerned. This is where the role of marketing is very perceived, the more extensive your marketing, the more number of consumers who know your product information business.

3. Inform a new product or service to the consumer

Even if people are familiar enough with your company, marketing remains important when you generate a new product that your business company produces. The information is through continuous marketing promotion efforts to the consumers.

In conclusion the importance of marketing in a business seems like a determinant of the development of a business. Having a reliable human resources in marketing will greatly determine a successful business you manage. Emphasis on marketing efforts will be more complete if offset by maximizing the quality of business products or services.

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