Things That Can Make Your Restaurant Business Go Bankrupt

As a proficient businessman, you can certainly take advantage of this opportunity well. However, it should be remembered that businesses that have big profits also have big risks. The risk of the most easily understood restaurant business, that the food sold is not lasting. So you should always provide fresh and always fresh food. Every businessperson can not eliminate the risk, but with all the good planning it can be avoided.

Error Market Research and Competitors

To make a business of course you first do a research about the market and how its competitors. Mistakes of market research and observation of your competitors can lead to failure in developing a business. With good market observation or research, you can create a great business plan.

Things we can make an example for example, in a complex there are many restaurants and restaurants. The average sold in the restaurant is seafood type food. To attract more customers and reduce the risk of loss, you better avoid selling seafood type. But if you want to sell the same type of food, create different concepts and plans. Show typical features of your restaurant. It will help smooth your business.

Restaurant Location

Many restaurant businesses went bankrupt because their owners opened restaurants in less appropriate places. Perhaps the place chosen as a less crowded location, or maybe the price offered is too expensive and not in accordance with the economic ability of people in the area. As a businessman who wants to build a restaurant must have thought to get there. A strategic place, crowded, and close to residential locations, schools, and offices will make the restaurant crowded by customers.

Not Promoting

No single business is successful without a good, ongoing, and on target promotion. How the public will know that we sell food without us doing promotion. If you want to do promotions, can use billboards, banners, posters, business cards, nameplate, advertising through print media, and others. Surely it will make the community knowledgeable about your restaurant business.

Bad Relationships With Partners

In building a business often requires a partner. Many businesses can not work maximally if they do not have a partner. Therefore, if you have a business partner should be able to maintain good relationships. Share lots of information and keep communication intensive. The collapse of a business often begins with a poor relationship with a business partner.

Less Understanding Customer

Customer-centered services often drive a restaurant business to bankruptcy. For example, there is one customer who is not satisfied with the services provided, and they complain directly. If this is seen by other customers, then this can affect the thinking of other customers to reluctantly return to your restaurant.

If you encounter a customer who complains. The reason may be because they feel less satisfied, better invite your sphere to avoid the unwanted. Apologize immediately and provide solutions how to solve the problems that occur.

Weak In Inventory of Goods and Staff Control

Maybe your restaurant often loses kitchen items or other inventory. This can make your restaurant quickly go bankrupt if not addressed immediately. This is usually caused by a lack of control over your staff. Because it may be your staff who misappropriated the inventory. Make a list of your inventory, and control once every three days, once a week, or once a month.

Food Quality

Maybe if your restaurant is empty and visitors go bankrupt, the cause is the quality of your food is less good. Food taste and hygiene should be very thoughtful, especially the ingredients must also be fresh and really have health standards. In the taste of food you must have its own distinctive, because most people look for a different taste than others. Provide a variety of variants or types of food. In order for customers to freely determine the order.