What is a Business ???

A business is a business of selling goods or services by an individual, a group of persons or organizations to a consumer (the public) with the sole purpose of obtaining profit / profit. Basically, we do business is to earn profit or profit (profit).

Actually not only that, there are still some functions of business that is:

  • Changing its shape (form utility), which is none other than the production function
  • Moving the place of the product (place utility), or distribution function
  • Change ownership (possessive utility), ie sales function
    Delay time utility, or marketing function

While Steinhoff argues that there are three main functions of business, namely:

  • Looking for raw materials (acquiring raw material)
  • Converting raw materials into finished goods (manufacturing raw materials into product)
  • Distributing finished goods to consumers (distributing product to consumers)

As in Business sense, Business is done by individuals, groups of people or organizations. Here I will give a little explanation about who doing business or commonly called Basic Business Ownership.

The Basics of Ownership include:

  • An individual company is a person who own the company and directly leads.
  • The fellowship is to share and take part and share in one another or with someone.
  • The Company is several people and supervised by the director who own a business.
  • Cooperative is a business field that consists of people or legal entity cooperative with the base of its activities based on the principle of cooperatives as well as the people’s economic movement based on the principle of kinship.

There are many kinds of types that we generally know, these kinds of businesses can be group by activity, namely:

  • Manufacturing is a process of processing non-physical goods, the word manufacturing itself comes from the Latin word “manus factus” which means made or processed by hand. Examples of manufacturing businesses are brick and manufacturing plants.
  • Service is any action or performance offered by one party to another that is principally intangible and does not cause transfer of ownership, production of services may be bound or unbound to a physical product. Examples of service businesses is a consultant and psychologist.
  • Retailers and distributors are those who act as intermediaries between producers and consumers. Most consumer-oriented stores and companies are distributors and consumers. Example of a franchise store.
  • Agriculture and Mining Business is a business that produces raw goods, such as plants and minerals such as petroleum and coal.
  • Utilities are businesses that operate services for the public, such as electricity and water, and are usually fund by the government.
  • Business Transportation is a profitable business by delivering individual goods from one location to another. i.e Travel.