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10 Things You Can Use the Kredittkort for

The famous and popular kredittkort or the credit card is a payment tool that is used all across the world. In some countries, like the USA, it is especially popular, while in others it is not used as much, but is still available.

If you’re thinking about getting one, then you want to know what you are going to use it for. Credit cards have many benefits, but at the same time, they come with an interest rate, which means you need to know how to use them wisely.

Those who are aware of all the pros and cons will have a great experience with the kredittkort. If you want to know what the things that you can buy with a credit card are, you should continue reading our list of 10 things. If you like what you seem you should apply for one.

1. Organize a wedding

It’s not hard to organize a wedding. The hard part is to do it with a limited budget. This is why people use credit cards. Organizing a wedding is hard and expensive, and if you put it on the card, you’ll manage to pay off the loan over the next few months or years.

A wedding won’t cost a fortune, but it’s still an expense that you have to do. Do all the planning before, and don’t be afraid that you won’t have the money for it. After all, this is the most important day of your life so far, so it’s worth spending some more money and sees everyone happy during the event.

2. Emergency hospital procedure

Rushing to the ER is never a joyful experience. It’s a problem that some of had to face in life, and some will have to experience it later in life. Aside from the safety and health perspectives, there’s the issue with payment for the treatment.

Insurance companies are going to cover part of this, but there’s a great chance that you’ll have to pay for something yourself. If you are not insured, then the entire bill will fall on your back. It’s not easy to pay huge amounts without having a credit card to cover for you.

3. Buying electronic appliances

When you’re buying a fridge or a TV set, there’s a chance for the item to not work properly or there might be an issue that requires assistance from professionals. If you pay with a credit card, you’ll have the vendor forced to take care of it as soon as possible if they want to receive the money.

The catch is in the postponed payment which is going to make the vendor take care of everything perfectly if they want to have the money released. The bank is going to let them know that they are receiving a payment, but if you file a complaint, they won’t actually get the money and will need to wait.

4. Frequent flying from one place to another

When you’re traveling frequently you should ask for the anbefalte kredittkort made specifically for this need. Lots of financial companies will create a specific card that will be made for those that fly frequently.

These cards allow you to collect points and after a particular amount of them, you can fly for free. They call them flying miles points. If you travel ten times from New York to Los Angeles, you’ll get one flight for free. Of course, this is just an example. Depending on the company, you may get more or fewer benefits, which is also why it’s crucial to find a card that suits you perfectly.

5. Frequent staying in a hotel

For those that travel and also have to sleep over in a hotel, there’s another card. It is the one made for those that often stay at hotels and pay with the card, which makes them collect points from it. When they collect enough of them, they get a free stay.

Similar to the one in which the points are transferred into flying miles, this one is transferred into hotel room stays. After ten stays in a single hotel, you get the next one free. Again, this is just an example, different types of companies will provide points based on their company policy.

6. Vehicle gas

Credit cards are filled with excellent rewards for those that often spend money with them. Similar to the previous ones is the vehicle gas reward and the system is the same. Pumping more gas means gaining points and getting rewards for it.

After you manage to pump enough gallons, you’ll get the reward and be able to fill in the tank for free. It may not be much, but why not use it when there’s a chance for it.

7. Refinancing

When you have a lot of debt, and the interest rates are terrible, then you may want to do a refinance. The refinancing is done when you get another card with better terms. When you’re looking for a new kredittkort and you have to refinance on your mind, then you should look for this feature in particular.

The new card’s terms should be compared to the previous loan. Making sure that you’re getting better terms may save you from filing bankruptcy. It may be just enough to get through the month with the obligatory payment rate.

8. Buying clothes online

A lot of people refuse to buy online because of the possible chance of fraud. Some people get ripped off by hackers when they share their cards online. It’s worth knowing that this isn’t possible with a credit card.

How? Because the money on the card is insured and when the hacker steals the money, the insurance company will get them back. After that, the policy will try to locate them and get the stolen amount back, but until then, your account is safe.

9. Buying a smartphone

A smartphone is often purchased when the line is. The telecommunication services are happy to provide great phones for their users if they choose to be their clients. Putting the bill every month on the card is a great way to acquire amazing benefits from the telecommunication company. Not just the phone, but every monthly bill. It’s the easiest way to pay for something like this.

10. Renting a car

We mentioned above that every credit card account is insured and the money on it can not just disappear. Most credit cards go with various other insurances, and one of them is car insurance. When you rent a car with your card, you don’t need an additional insurance policy, because the bank will guarantee your drive. That’s an amazing feature if you have the right kredittkort.


These are some of the most interesting reasons why people opt for a kredittkort. If you’re thinking about getting one, these points above will probably convince you to do it. Learn more about this payment tool on the link.

Understand that every financial company has its policy and the rules are different everywhere. Searching for the best one for you personally is a must. When you find something amazing, be sure that you’re going to benefit a lot from using it.