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Can Donald Trump Succeed As an MLM’er?

Can Donald Trump Succeed As an MLM’er?

Just a few weeks ago we heard that Donald Trump was going to launch his own multi level marketing program, called Trump Network. As soon as word hit the street the typical MLM skeptics got on the attack, with the typical mlm negatives. I on the other hand think that with Trump involved, this MLM could succeed above and beyond any others. Here’s why:

Mass Promotion

Trump will do the rounds on the various television shows such as The Oprah Winfrey show, The View, The Tonight show, and many others. The reach that he will have is probably 1000 times more extensive than any other MLM creator in the history of Multi Level marketing. People take part in programs that they hear a lot about, and if the mass media gets involved, so will millions of promoters.

Trust in the Trump Name

Donald Trump’s name is probably worth millions of dollars alone. Why? Because it is practically an adjective for “wealthy”. Associating his name with his very own MLM in the Trump Network will without a doubt bring an instant air of legitimacy to the company and products. This isn’t just an endorsement by a celebrity, but an actual company owned and operated by one of the top “wealth” names in the world.

Plenty of Time to Brew

Even though word hit marketers almost a month ago, the actual Program and products will not launch until the end of this year. This gives marketers and promoters about 6 months to get their act together and prepare for the launch that will likely be one of the largest ever seen in the MLM industry.

Like all MLM’s the Trump Network should be viewed with caution. Just because Trumps name is associated with it does not mean you will succeed.