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Car Buying Tips – Shop for Financing

Car Buying Tips – Shop for Financing

It is just as important to shop for the perfect financing, as it is to shop for the perfect car. This might sound strange for some people, but it can make all of the difference in getting the best deal that you can on a car purchase. It does not matter how well you did in negotiating the price of the car if you get lousy financing from the dealer.

Some people think that it is almost a rule that you have to finance your new car purchase from the dealer. Nothing is farther from the truth. Especially now with the loads of information available on the Internet, car buyers are in a great position to get a very good deal on auto financing.

Just do a Google search for “automobile financing” or “online automobile financing” and you will see dozens of sites that offer automobile financing. As with everything on the Internet – be careful. There are always people and companies out there that want to take advantage of you.

If you do not want to go the online route with your financing, you can try to find a small bank or credit union that will offer better rates than the dealership. However, make sure that you include the dealership financing in your decision – they might actually have the lower rates and better terms.

Just remember that you do not have to use the financing that the dealership offers – you have choices. However, you will never know all of the choices available unless you do your research.