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Craigslist Car Finder

Craigslist Car Finder

If you are looking to buy a car Craigslist is definitely the best site for you. In the “for sale” section there is a sub section called as car + trucks. Here you will find a wide variety of cars available for sale. Some of the cars have been put up by individual owners where as you will also find those ads that have been put up by dealers.

Depending on where you are put up, you have to decide on a location for your search. Once you have selected the area you want to look in put some thought into what model you would like to get. Make sure you have researched the model well and know exactly what you want. The next step is to decide your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Once you make a mental mote of all this info, getting a car on Craigslist is simple.

Unfortunately, you can only search one city at a time on Craigslist, so this might slow down your search. However, if you are pressed for time and want to run a quick state-wide search for your car, you can always get a search program online that will allow you to find a car of your choice through each and every location you want on Craigslist.

All you have to do is get online and find a good search program – I know there are lots of them available online. Download the program and feed in the important details, like price range, model number, color and price range. From there in it’s a piece of cake. Some of these programs online can look through a hundred cities if you like and find the exact car you want.

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