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Creating Prosperity – 4 Mysteries You May Not Know About Prosperity

Creating Prosperity – 4 Mysteries You May Not Know About Prosperity

Whether you’ve read a lot of books about prosperity or whether you haven’t read anything about it at all, whether you have an overflow of riches or you’re looking for your ship to come in – there are some things about prosperity that have been the secrets of the ages and that are now being revealed. If you want to put the key in the door, turn it around and look right into the eyes of prosperity, here are some tips.

Become Obsessed

This is the opposite of what some spiritual teachers tell you when they talk about non-attachment. And letting go completely can work for some people. But for others, obsession is what works for them. Find out what you’d like to manifest in your life, and say it over and over and over every time you can remember. This way you’re building new neural pathways in your electromagnetic brain.

Think About a Breakthrough

There is a state of being called a “breakthrough state.” It means that something is reaching beyond all previous barriers. It means that you may have wished and hoped in vain for something to happen, but it has eluded you for who knows how long. Then one day, after you’ve done your practices and your prayers, the clouds roll away and the sun come out. This breakthrough state exists.

There’s a Part of Your Mind that Can Help You Manifest

It’s called your “Wise Mind,” and you can access it by asking yourself: “What would my Wise Mind tell me about my prosperity?”

Your Wise Mind might tell you something like this:

“You highly deserve the fulfillment of your aspirations. You deserve to have plenty of money. You have much to offer humanity. You are not only as good as you’d like to be; you’re even better than you know. No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, there is always the moment that you take a leap beyond all that, and you move into fulfillment and prosperity. What you think are your failures are actually learning experiences you needed on your way to this moment now. Everything is working out beautifully for you now. It is coming to fruition in its perfect time. Now is the moment for you. You are a great abundant success.”

Prosperity and Self-Esteem

A sense of self-worth has everything to do with prosperity. How much are you willing to have? How much do you feel you deserve? Realize your eternal greatness, and you can realize the continuous flow of your prosperity.