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Easy Ways to Build Links to Your Financial Services Website

Easy Ways to Build Links to Your Financial Services Website

Links rule the search engines. All the fancy SEO tricks fails unless you can convince other sites to direct a link at your financial website. It used to be fairly easy to gather a few links and rank highly for competitive terms. Those days are over. Savvy website owners understand the value of their “link juice” and are reluctant to link to your site unless you pay or reciprocate.

If you are just started your online financial services website it may be frustrating trying to get these all-important “backlinks”. This article will discuss three easy and free ways to get high-quality backlinks pointed to your website. Let’s start:

Social Media Profile Links

Review the social media sites that you frequent and consider placing a link to your website in your profile. The top social networking websites, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN allow this and have the authority to help your site rank well. Don’t abuse this privilege. Usually, only one link is allowed so don’t try to game the system.

Squidoo and HubPages

and are what I call “personal interest” libraries. These websites allow its member to quickly create a page that aggregates specific information on a topic.

These pages include RSS feeds, blog posts, Flickr streams, Amazon recommendations and more. Like Social Media sites, you are free to place a link to your website on these pages. You can also connect your Twitter and blog RSS feed to your page making your Squidoo or HubPage a lead generation tool as well!

Article Writing

Article writing is a proven strategy for getting high value links pointed to your website. However, in the last 12 months, the article directories have clamped down and are strictly enforcing their editorial standards. Simply posting hundreds of junk articles will quickly get your account deleted. Instead focus on regularly posting informative articles that provide helpful information. Include a link to your website in the article resource box to get your backlink. Also make sure that you post your articles to reputable article directories to maximize the benefit of your backlink.

Keys to Success

Link Building is a long-term strategy. Although there are murky, black-hat, techniques for generating backlinks they will ultimately lead to your website getting de-indexed. Instead use patience and consistency to gradually build your links over time.