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Entrepreneurs – Want to Take Your Financial Services Company to the Next Level?

Entrepreneurs – Want to Take Your Financial Services Company to the Next Level?

In these recessionary times its getting harder to sell financial services so you need to really up your game and increase your marketing. How about using seminars?

First of all decide upon a small group of products that you can sell to your small group of people. Some suggestions are:

– Pet insurance.

– Savings packages.

– Retirement package.

– School fees savings.

– Flood insurance.

Now you need to think up some seminar title and contents that will support your products. For example if you are selling pet insurance you can hold a seminar on the joys of pet ownership. If you are selling school fee packages then you can hold a seminar on how to choose the perfect school for your child. You could also bring in an expert if you wish.

The seminar should be about 2 hours and should not be a sales push but informational, relaxed and fun.

You should now advertise your seminar and charge a nominal fee so that your attendees are committed to turn up. This can also cover your refreshments etc.

You should arrange your room so that people sit facing a front table. You should have a promotion banner behind this table and around the room if you wish. Not too much though. Put your business cards on the table so that people can pick them up as they come or leave. You can also have some great looking leaflets on your products.

Give your seminar, or get an expert to do this for you. You can then provide your sales pitch at the end. Keep it soft. You should give out a lot of information on the seminar and then a good sales pitch that explains how your products will enhance the subject.

Good luck.