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Get Your Financial Services Website Ready For the Search Engines

Get Your Financial Services Website Ready For the Search Engines

Is your website dressed for the Search Engine Dance? What I mean is, have you created keyword rich titles and descriptions for your website pages? These are the fundamentals of search engine optimization that many professionals overlook. You will be shocked by how quickly your search rankings will improve once you focus on your “on-site” SEO.

Let’s review the fundamental actions you must take to get your website ready for the Search engines:

Title Tags:

You will find your web page title tags at the top of each of your web page. These are also the piece of information that search engines will use to headline your listing on the search results pages. Put your desired keyword early in the tag for maximum SEO benefit. Don’t try to stuff them with keywords. It won’t work and may actually hurt your search rankings.

The Description:

Each of your website pages should include a brief description that describes the main benefit of the page. Your description is a “meta-tag” that is used within the HTML code of your website. So you will need your website coder to handle configuring this tag for you. Like title tags, it is important to use your keywords early in the description.

Brevity is also important since most search spiders will only capture 1-2 sentences of your site description. As with title tags, do not stuff your description with keywords. Make your description appealing and benefit oriented while naturally using the appropriate keywords.

Anchor Text – Little Powerhouses

Anchor text is the specific text used to describe a link. So, if you have a link to an interior page about a specific product, then try to include a keyword in the actual link. Example, if you are optimizing for DX700 Camera Lenses then a link to a DX700 product review would say – “DX700 Camera Lens Review” rather than just “Lens Review”

Take a moment to review your website and see what changes you can make. While there are many on-site tweaks you can make to your website, you can’t go wrong with sprucing up your title tags, tweaking your descriptions, and adding some keyword juice to your anchor text.