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Why Choose a Certified Concrete Expert Witness
When you require a concrete expert either for advice, consultation or witness services, Professional Engine can easily connect you with experienced concrete experts from leading providers in the industry. From architects to engineers, you will discover concrete experts having a wealth of knowledge, experiences and insights within our directory of over 10,000 specialists covering all areas of construction, engineering, science and… Well, that was just the beginning. Now, we provide you with even more information about concrete services, concrete projects, construction analysis, and much more.

We offer an extensive range of diverse services. Whether it’s consulting, research, service or evaluation, we can help you find an expert witness, concrete expert consultant or certified assessor who meets your needs and budget. You may be surprised to learn that many of our project consultants are former military personnel, trade industry experts, former government officials, engineering experts and even former attorneys. With a wide variety of resumes and credentials, our team of qualified and experienced consultants can match you with the perfect concrete expert witness, contractor, engineer, architect, or other specialist that meets your unique needs and requirements.

Our team of fully-trained and experienced consultants can provide you with concrete expert witness training to match the specific needs and goals of your unique concrete projects. In addition to providing you with concrete moisture reports and recommendations, many of our expert witnesses have a wealth of industry experience in a variety of different concrete technologies. Whether it’s site remediation, environmental cleanup, or construction estimating, our consultants are trained in providing expert testimony and analysis to help the client achieve its desired concrete surface specifications.

In addition to our service for the general public, we also provide a service called “Mass Construction”. Mass Construction is defined as a concrete expert witness who provides a wide range of specialized services to construction contractors and project managers. Many mass construction specialists are former steelworkers, automotive technicians, sheet metal workers, or plumbing/heating engineers. Since our construction projects involve massive concrete structures, most of our service contracts require our expert witnesses to possess specific skill sets in order to provide the best analysis and opinions. This is especially true for large concrete structures, such as dams, sea walls, rehabilitation facilities, stadiums, power plant boilers, bridges, and airports.

In addition to the specialized service of concrete expert witness services for construction contractors and managers, our team of well-trained and experienced engineers will create a custom, customized study plan to outline your unique concrete construction project. If you need help deciding what components you need for your unique construction project, our engineers can work with you on your selection of individual components. We can also assist you in selecting precast concrete components that are designed to meet your unique construction needs. We can also evaluate the quality and type of materials that are available for your project.

One of our team of well-trained and experienced concrete experts has been working with industrial and commercial clients for over 35 years. This individual is one of the few certified concrete specialists that have a lifetime professional reputation of working with the largest construction projects in the nation. If you need help determining the right material and configuration to meet your unique construction needs, contact our experienced and certified experts today. Our expert witness service is available in Texas and throughout the United States. We will soon be offering expert witness services to new and small construction companies and will continue to expand our mass concrete expertise across all sectors of the construction industry.

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