Here’s 4 Gifts That Are Suitable For Your Spouse
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Here’s 4 Gifts That Are Suitable For Your Spouse

For those of you who again undergo LDR relationship (Long Distance Relationship), we understand your feelings. Sometimes, trusting and maintaining a smooth communication is not enough to color your love.

Sometimes, it must be present in the form of memorable objects that you can keep and attach to the heart. Gifts like these can be given on anniversary, birthday, valentine, or even holiday! Visit for awesome gift for your spouse.

Well, in this article, you can find 7 inspiring gifts for your spouse who are deep in the eye, yet close to the heart!

  • A letter of expression of love

Maybe it’s really old, because everything is fast and sophisticated. If there is content to be conveyed, why not via SMS or Whatsapp?

Eits, wait a minute. Precisely in this all-digital era, a letter on birthday or anniversary is romantic.

Letters show greater and more sincere effort. Especially if you string the words of pearls and slip a secret message that only you can understand, it will be romantic.

  • Wristwatch couple make separate space and time

Well, this gift is suitable for couples whose LDR is far away. That is, not only the distance difference, but also the time zone! He wakes up, you sleep. Si he asked has breakfast yet, you again dinner. Literally, you are separated by space and time!

Instead of not continuing, mending you reward him with a couple watches. Of course this watch will have its own meaning for both of you.

Arrange the time on your watch according to the time zone in your partner’s place. And vice versa, your partner must set his watch to fit your time zone. That way, you can contact your partner without fearing the wrong moment. Also you can send surprise gift to your partner on

Although apart space and time, at least there is a small thing that can connect you both. Live the lyrics of the wrist and you are already remembered by your romantic LDR relationship. Only you who undergo LDR who can feel this sensation, you know.

  • Merchandise favorite musicians

Another thing that can connect two separate beings is music. Listening to your partner’s favorite music is not enough to relieve the longing.

Well, you can try to give a recording of music that ‘you two’ really! Either in the form of CDs, USB, or even vinyl recordings!

Better if you can give your favorite glasses, hats, clothes, accessories, and even your partner’s favorite artist (or both of you) albums or special editions. You can also find other sweet merchandise on

  • Tumbler, so that even when you drink it remember it

What’s so special about Tumbler? You know, for most people, the tumbler / bottle of its kind is the most frequently brought after wallet, key, and smartphone!

Not enough if wallet and wallpaper on smartphone there is a photo of each. By giving a couple tumbler that you choose yourself, any drink will definitely be remembered by the couple.

Especially when the rainy season and was feeling lonely. Drinking hot sweet tea or hot chocolate from your tumbler will surely help you through this torturous love trial.