What are the home office trends we can expect in 2018?
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What are the home office trends we can expect in 2018?

The New Year is almost upon us. A time of year when we start to see the end of the previous year’s trends. New ideas coming to the fore. It happens in every industry from food to fashion. If you have a home office or are thinking of incorporating one into your living space next year. You’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of upcoming trends to get excited about in this space too. Here are five of our favorites…

1. Bringing nature inside

One current popular trend set to continue into 2018 is the incorporation of nature. This isn’t just about adding the odd potted plant here and there: expect features such as living walls, daylight lighting, and patterns and textures inspired by nature. Such an approach is proven to have an improvement on both well-being and concentration

2. Minimalist design trends

Next year, expect home office design to go back to basics. It’ll be the year of simple home office furniture with sleek, clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and minimalist styles that are designed not only to look smart, but also to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home.

3. Dual-purpose office space

For many, a home office is of huge importance – can be tricky to implement when space is at a premium. In 2018, embrace the trend of dual-purpose spaces. Rooms that can be used as a home office when needed. Also transformed to suit other needs too. Choose home office furniture that is small in stature and has the flexibility to be moved, and stored or folded. Incorporate additional furniture into the room too: a sofa bed that can be used either as a relaxed working space. Or to transform the room into a guest bedroom. Hidden foldaway beds and day beds can have the same effect. Dual purpose rooms like these aren’t just about the furniture, though: you’ll want to create a space where the atmosphere feels right for both work and rest.

4. Smart technology

Recent developments in technology will make 2018 home office spaces even smarter and easier to enjoy. If you want your home office to be bang on trend, think about incorporating docking stations, wireless charging technology, systems designed for better management of trailing cables, and power points that are easily accessible. Smart technology solutions will also come more to the fore, such as systems that enable you to control lighting, temperature and more with ease.

5. A more relaxed environment

Corporate offices are embracing beanbags, sleeping pods and other elements of comfort – and home offices are set to do the same. An office space should be somewhere you feel happy and comfortable working, and 2018 will see a surge in touches that will make that happen. Relaxed seating, fireplaces, mini fridges and drink-making facilities will make home office spaces places where homeworkers want to be, and want to work.

It’s clear that 2018 is set to bring plenty of changes to the world of home office design, with home office furniture, decor, facilities and more all set to enjoy brand new trends. Which are you planning on implementing next year?