Homeowners, Lenders, The Economy, All Win With Loan Modification

Homeowners, Lenders, The Economy, All Win With Loan Modification

Right now in these recessionary times, things are not looking too good, not for borrowers and not for lenders. Regular folks are dealing with being jobless, watching their lifestyles diminish, or dealing with emergencies without having the wherewithal to overcome them. Presented with opportunities, either from the government or from lenders, homeowners might be asking themselves what is loan modification and what can such a thing do to help me?

Loan Modification Needed

Simply speaking, a loan modification is rearranging the current terms of a mortgage. Those seeking such a modification will have to deal directly with the financial institution that currently holds the mortgage. The institution will ultimately decide to what extent the original contract can be amended. These modifications are usually sought when the borrower realizes that their home might become a little bit out of their financial reach as the economy continues to worsen. Or, they may suddenly become aware that they just cannot keep making the monthly payments.

Taking the First Step

Nowadays, when folks are talking about loan modification, they are probably referring to a program of the federal government to help distressed homeowners. First, homeowners must prove that they are experiencing real financial difficulties that may thwart, or already has, their ability to meet their monthly payments. They must construct a hardship letter written to explain their inability to continue their monthly obligation to the lender under the current terms of the mortgage. This is only a the first step, but it gets things going.

Realize What Could Happen

With a loan modification program, interest fees, duration of the mortgage, accumulation and possible forgiveness of previously accumulated penalties and late fees, finance fees, all are up for amendment or acceptance. When spread out over the life of a home finance loan, even the most minuscule changes can have a rather large impact on the financial life of a homeowner. With all this hanging in the balance, it is probably prudent to get financial legal help to steer the process.

Buyers, Lenders, Professionals

While borrowers may be the greatest beneficiaries of loan modifications, there are monetary benefits for lenders to take part as well. Though it may be an incentive as unrealizable as the potential state of the economy, if that is all it takes to put a lender in the right mood to make a few concessions, seize the opportunity. Some homeowners may be savvy enough to go through the loan modification process on their own, but there are professional available who can help win approval and perhaps strike a better bargain. Of course, either course is available to a homeowner, but the small up-front investment for assistance may prove to cause tens of thousand of dollars in savings over the course of the amended loan.

Win, Win, and Win Again

So, here is the bottom line: A loan modification is a way to get better terms for homeowners so that they can remain in their home. The lender continues to receive payment on the property. Homes are not left deserted in neighborhoods. Taxes are kept up for the local government. The economy benefits. Loan modification is a win-win-win situation.