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How to Make Extra Money Online – PPC Page Ranking

How to Make Extra Money Online – PPC Page Ranking

If your traffic generation choice is Pay Per Click (PPC), you can influence search engine page ranking by the amount you are prepared to pay for each Keyword click. This will obviously effect how much money you will make. The converted throughput of PPC is very low, certainly less than 10% and more like 5% so, bearing this in mind you will only get around 5 converted sales for which you are paid on but you will be paying for 100 clicks. If each of those clicks is costing you 50 cents then $50 dollars of cost will be incurred for every 5 sales. If you profit is only $20 per sale you can see that you would have quite a substantial cost at 50% of you sales gained. You can reduce your page ranking and thus reduce your costs but you do need to understand what you are doing and what the implications are. Your aim is to make extra money online, how much will depend on your costs but if you lower them too much will you get traffic?

As you enter you campaign into whatever Search engine PPC tool you are using, you will need to do a certain amount of keyword research. When this is complete you could have say 20 to 30 keywords. As you enter these keywords into the PPC campaign the tool will suggest a price that it believes that you need to bid on that keyword.

The suggested price is what the PPC tool believes will give you a page one ranking. This means that as soon as a potential customer uses one of you keywords for which you have accepted the bid price on, then your advert should appear on page 1 of the returned results. You may not be top but you should be there on page 1.

Given that most people will click onto the first few sites they see, there is a high possibility that you could get a sale but your cost per click would be high. If you want to reduce this cost you can reject the bid price that is suggested and put in your own price. So, if we take the 50 cent price and reduce it to 35 cents, the PPC tool will suggest a reduce page ranking.

This suggested reduce page ranking, I believe is always considerably lower than reality. I have often found that by ignoring the suggested ranking that I still get clicks at a much higher ranking. It is a case of monitoring the situation but the gist of the argument is that you can influence page ranking by how much you pay for a keyword.

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