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Marijuana Dispensary POS Software: A Budtender’s Best Friend

With the groundbreaking days of the marijuana industry in front of us, it only makes sense to build the strongest company possible and be a pioneer in the industry. One of the easiest ways to gain a competitive advantage in this ever-changing industry is to embrace POS software custom-tailored for the marijuana industry. While it may seem like a simple solution, it’s one of the strongest currently available to dispensaries, so let’s look at the change it can bring.

How does POS software help dispensaries in Colorado?

From keeping menus (yes even those on Leafly) updated on the fly to having a full look at the core numbers of your dispensary, a POS can make life a lot easier than what it was before. Not to mention, it can also help keep track of your inventory and put in measures to ensure that you’re in full compliance with the regulations that you’re required to follow in Colorado. Think about what it would be like to throw away the pen and paper while it’s replaced with something much more comprehensive.

Having detailed accounting processes isn’t impossible!

Many people cringe they think about accounting because of all the details that are involved. It really doesn’t have to be that scary. The proper POS software will not only help you during the checkout process, but it will also keep track of every detail of your business. Not only will you be able to compile compliance reports more easily, but you’ll always have a look at the numbers that drive your business so that you can ensure a simple approach to accounting.

Keep track of your customers, AND protect your empire.

You and your team have worked hard to get to where you’re at. Can you honestly afford to take the risk of losing your business due to falling out of compliance? Probably not.

That’s why it’s key to ensure every customer has their data on file with you and you can also look at every single transaction that they’ve made at your dispensary. Having this information readily available will make the local authorities happy and ensure that the future of your business is always protected, no matter what kind of situation may arise.

Make sure you don’t have to spend weeks training.

Easy integration is a critical factor when it comes to developing the most effective and cost-efficient processes available to your company. You don’t want to be having to train each budtender for weeks on end, instead you want them to be able to be trained as quickly as possible and get to serving up the bud to your customers. Make sure that your methods aren’t overly-complicated and embrace the most straight-forward software available.

Make sure you do your homework!

One of the most common mistakes among marijuana dispensary owners is that they overlook the most obvious steps to implementing the best systems possible. Take the time to make notes and compare your options so that you know each choice is truly the best that’s available for your business. The few extra minutes this takes to do can yield the healthiest results possible.


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