Possessions to Add to Your Home’s Fireproof Safe

A fireproof safe in your home is very important because fires are quite common calamities that may result to loss of essential property. Fireproof safes are designed to sustain heat up to 1700 degrees for about one hour; theoretical evidence suggests that home fires burn for about 20 minutes at about 700 degrees.
There are various household items one needs to put in a fireproof safe to protect them from damage whether or not fire sprinklers from reliable suppliers like TPT Fire are in place. These items include

1. Insurance policies

Life and auto insurance policies act as a financial backup plan for the future. This, therefore, means that insurance policy documents are very important and in case they are destroyed in a fire it may have a significant negative effect on the policyholder since replacing insurance documents is quite difficult therefore it is advisable to store them in a safe place which is a fireproof safe.

2. Identification Documents

Identification documents such as passports and birth certificates are very important. They establish one’s identity and in the event that they are destroyed in a fire replacing them is quite tough for example if one loses the supporting documents in a passport they may not be able to travel since one cannot get them replaced in good time.

3. External Hard Drives

Most people store important data in external hard drives so that they are able to access them in future. For example, people scan and store their family photos in external hard drives so that they are able to preserve them, this therefore, means that if an external hard drive is very important and thus it needs to be stored in a fireproof safe to protect it from any damage that may be caused by a fire.

4. Property Titles

Title deeds, home deeds and car titles act as proof of ownership, therefore, these are documents one would not want to lose especially in the event when they would want to sell the property. Therefore, one must put these documents in a fireproof safe to protect them from damage.

5. Wills

It is important to safeguard one’s last will and testament as it ensures that his or her loved ones are taken care of in case the owner passes on. It is also good to keep it in a fireproof safe in one’s home as it gives the owner access to it whenever he or she wants to amend the content

6. Safety Deposit Box Keys

If you keep valuables such as title deeds, commercial papers or certificates at the bank you’ll want to ensure that you can access the safety deposit box keys at any time. It is therefore advisable to store them in a fireproof safe where in case of a fire they will not be destroyed.

7. Financial Account Information

One needs to keep a list of contacts related to their financial accounts or retirement plans. In addition to this, one also needs to have a list of creditors in case of an emergency where one needs funds on short notice.

8. Jewellery

Most people have jewellery that has both financial value and sentimental value. For example, one would want to keep an engagement ring safe for a very long time or jewellery such as gold that has high financial value needs to be kept in a very safe place to protect it from theft or damage since replacing such items can be very costly.

A fireproof safe can assist in protecting one’s documents from damage because of fire. In addition to protection, it can also assist in document management as one has a safe place where they can store important documents. Therefore, a fireproof home safe is something one needs to consider having.