Reliable Delivery Service App
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Reliable Delivery Service App

Amid the trend of online shopping, freight services are now following the digital lifestyle. Simply through the smartphone in the hands of sending, tracking the package, to find out about the postage can be done. Really? Look at

With the aim to facilitate the customer in doing packing activities or track the goods sent, mobile applications that can be used for it is widely available. Take for example, Post Office applications that can now be enjoyed by Android users, either to just track the shipment or want to know how much the postage should be issued if they send the package.

Not only Post Office, here we also present other applications that may be useful for you for the delivery of the package. Of the many applications, we present five of them to you. So, just take a look at the following description.

  • Post Office

As a company engaged in the delivery of mail services or goods, Post Office is so familiar to most people of Indonesia. Understandably, in addition has been a long time, for those who need services, Post Office so easily found. Interestingly, as the progress, Pos Indonesia has also been providing mobile applications with a familiar name, namely the Post Office.

Talking about the features offered, through Post Office applications, users can do various things, such as tracking submissions, searching for mail and package rates, and searching for a zip code of a region.

In addition, for users who want to know more about PT Pos Indonesia, they can also get it through the History feature of PT Pos Indonesia. As for users who are still confused how to use this application, also features Instructions.

The Post Office app is presented with a simple and easy-to-use interface. When users open this app, they will be presented the main features mentioned above. For example, for those who want to track a post, simply press the Track Sub menu. Later on this Track page, the user is directed to determine the type of service used and the shipment number. Then press the check button to track the post. Easy enough, is not it? Visit to get in touch.

Post Office app is available for Android users. For those who need, they can install this application for free or free via Google Play Store.

  • Etobee

Want to send the package, but what is the power because of busyness it turns out you can not go to place delivery service. Just visit It’s can be used to call the delivery of goods to the house.

It is Etobee, an app that can be used to call packet delivery services via smartphone. When you need a package delivery service, live access this application then the nearest courier with you will find the location where you are.

Etobee is available for both Android and IOS device users. To be able to meet the needs of its users in sending the package Etobee has about 1000 fleets consisting of commercial vehicles motorcycles, vans, and trucks and containers.