Steps for Writing an Environmental Essay on Pollution
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Steps for Writing an Environmental Essay on Pollution

Environmental pollution is one of the most commonly assigned essay tasks. Nevertheless, many students struggle with the complexity of this assignment, mostly because the topic is very wide and requires plenty of research. However, this does not have to be the case. As a student who needs assignment help, there are few steps you can follow to craft a brilliant essay on pollution.

Step 1: Pick an Aspect

The topic ‘pollution’ is a vast topic on its own. For this reason, you must research a bit and choose an aspect or several aspects you are about to discuss in the essay. If you start without picking an aspect, you will end up with a too general essay and will not have enough room to speak your mind.

Step 2: Break the Topic into Subtopics

Even if you picked an aspect for your essay, the topic will still be very wide, which is why you should break it down into several subtopics before you start writing. Sometimes it can be useful to explore Australian Writings review in advance since they are good specialists in writing. Fortunately, this is something we can help you with right away. You can do more subtopics, but the three most important ones are:

  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Predictions

Believe it or not, these three subtopics must be a part of every brilliant environmental essay!

Step 3: Start Writing

To make writing even easier, we will guide you throughout the three subtopics:

1.      Causes

What causes pollution? Talk about the past – explain what happened that made today so polluted. Try to grasp all factors, including people, industry and nature and put the focus on the aspect you chose.

2.      Effects

How does pollution affect our planet? Look into the changes that happened because of pollution and observe the differences of today when compared to tomorrow. See it this way – when speaking of causes, you spoke of the past, while the effect is comparing that past to the present.

3.      Predictions

Finally, the part where you speak of the future. Once you have established the factors and effects for pollution in the world, it is time to turn to the future – what do you expect to happen in future? What do experts say will happen next year, in 10 years, in 50 years? And most importantly – what would happen if people take action?

The predictions are often the hardest part of an environmental essay because you have to write this part looking at two aspects:

  • People take action
  • People don’t take action

Of course, it is common sense that if people do not make changes, pollution will simply become a bigger and bigger problem. But, how big can it get?

And if we decide to change it, how will this affect our environment?

Does this make the writing process easier? Follow our simple guide to craft a brilliant environmental essay on pollution. Finally, if you do not succeed in this and still need some assignment help, take a look at Australian Writing Review and ask for professional help to guide you in writing this task.