Top 4 Recommended Hairstyles for Work
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Top 4 Recommended Hairstyles for Work

In today’s competitive work world, you have to look and act the part. Thus, for the woman who wants it all, a hairstyle that says, “I’m the boss” isn’t the worse thing to have (though it takes a back seat to your skill set — don’t forget that). The office is a magical place. It’s where all sorts of interesting people come together to learn, grow and build better businesses. Oh, who are we kidding? Work is a 9-5 (if we’re lucky) grind that pays the bills so that on weekends we can live our lives with the people we love.

We picked four flawlessly polished, easy-to-do hairstyles that are perfect for your place of work. Hopefully, they’ll give you one less thing to think about as you’re rushing out the door in the am.

  1. The Bun

If you find yourself thinking too much about your work hairstyle just go with a bun. You can never go wrong with it; it is a traditional business look. You can also pin your bun with bobby pins with discreet ornaments, nothing too big or too shiny; bobby pins with small flowers the same colour as your shirt will do perfectly.

  1. The French Roll

The French roll is a sophisticated hairstyle we see on a lot of brides. It also makes one of the best hairstyles for work — especially combined with a strict dress code. It does have a downside though — it’s a bit harder to make, and you’ll need more time for it. Also, it’s easier to make it on shorter than on longer hair. Gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Do not tie it, just take the ponytail and twist it around and upwards. Hold the roll with one hand and pin it with bobby pins with the other. Spray any loose ends with hairspray or pin them with bobby pins as well.

  1. Braids

Why don’t women wear braids anymore? They are a beautiful hairstyle and can look very professional. Furthermore, they are a way better choice than a ponytail if you want your style to last longer without hairsprays and gels. You can also make a bun out of one or more braids that always looks great.

  1. Inverted Ponytail

When ponytail will just not do, try inverted ponytail. It’s very easy to make, and it looks great. Just take a thicker but flexible wire and make a loop. Twist the ends of the wire around the loop so that you don’t have a chance to hurt yourself with it. Make a looser ponytail, so that you can insert the tool between the elastic band and your head. Then pull your hair through the loop and pull the tool downwards. You will pull the whole ponytail through the space between your head and the elastic band and create an interesting and beautiful hairstyle. If you’re feeling creative and would like to try something new, check Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions for beautiful styles.