The Crisis Can Bring The Consumer Closer To The Dream Of Home Ownership

For those who want to acquire a property; however, this can be a beautiful opportunity. In times of “lean cows” in real estate, it is possible to bargain and get much lower prices than in periods of high sales. Several options, among them, the auctions (there is the possibility of buying real estate in online auctions), financing and consortia can pave the way for the realization of this dream.

It is important, however, to know what type of customer you are and for this we select some profiles and the best mode of purchase for each one of them. Check out:

You have money saved and you want to invest in real estate.

The auction is a great option for those who have money, but not enough to buy a used or launch. Both the online and face-to-face auction can guarantee values well below the market.


The auction offers discounts of more than 50% of the value of the property.


– The risks are high

– The buyer may also have to bear the cost of reintegrating possession, if the former resident is still in the property purchased;

– In the online auction, there is also the option of acquiring property in an extrajudicial way, where there are no bureaucratic problems with former residents, but it is a much slower process.

It has at least 50% of the value of the property

The most indicated is the real estate financing.


The customer has bargaining power because the owner gets money in cash from the bank.


– Research interest at all banks before hiring the financing;

– You need to anticipate the total payment of the property.

You do not have money, but you have time and are organized

The tip, in this case, is to save money. Invest in fixed income products such as government bonds.


High interest rates help form the reserve to give entry to the property.


– Avoid saving: the carnet is losing to inflation, which resets the price of most real estate;

– With the cash in hand, you can get bigger discounts when you buy your own home.

Do not have and can’t save money, but have time

The consortium is a good alternative, as it ends up compelling the buyer to save.


The consortium sends each month a ticket with the amount that the customer must pay to be entitled to the letter of credit.


– The participant does not pay interest, but must bear the cost of administration;

– The price of the desired property can vary between the contracting of the consortium and the actual contemplation.

Whatever conditions you are facing and the expectations you want to achieve, make sure you get professional help. In this modern era, you can get anything you want from the Internet. Hudson & Marshall is what you want to discuss when you want to buy property in an auction.