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Men’s Hair Color Trends in 2024


Men’s hair color is no longer a product used purely to cover grays; nowadays, gentlemen of all ages embrace the possibility to change their hair color and express themselves through it. That’s why, in this article, we will explore the current trends regarding male hair coloring. Does this topic spark your interest? Perfect – stay with us and read on!

Popular Men’s Hair Color Shades for 2024

So, what men’s hair colors (https://www.madison-reed.com/men) are popular this year? Take a look at our list below.

Natural Tones

  • Warm browns/caramels – Warm brown and caramel tones add depth and dimension to hair without being too dramatic. These shades work well for men who want to add a bit of warmth and richness to their natural color. This trend is perfect for those with darker hair who wish to add a touch of brightness and sophistication.
  • Cool ash browns/grays – Ash brown and gray tones offer a sleek, modern look. These cooler shades are ideal for men looking to embrace a more mature and polished style. Gray hair is no longer seen as something to hide; instead, it’s celebrated for its elegance and distinction.

Bold and Bright Colors

  • Red/orange – Reds and oranges are making a comeback, providing a fiery and bold option for those looking to stand out. These colors can be applied as full color or as highlights to add dimension and vibrancy to the hair.
  • Blues/greens – Shades of blue and green are becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger men. These colors can range from deep navy to bright turquoise, allowing for a wide range of expression. They are perfect for those who want a unique and eye-catching look.

Pastel Hues

  • Lavender/pink – Lavender and pink tones are gaining popularity for their gentle, romantic look. These colors are great for men who want to experiment with color without being too bold. They work well on lighter hair but can also be adapted for darker bases with the right preparation.
  • Mint green/baby blue – Mint green and baby blue offer a fresh, modern take on pastel colors. These cool and calming shades provide a unique look that is still subtle enough for everyday wear.

Maintaining Your Colored Hair

We’ve shown you the most popular men’s hair colors in 2024, so now, let’s delve a bit deeper into this topic. You’ve picked a color, and you dyed your hair, but that’s not the end of the journey – you still need to care for it to keep it fresh and vibrant. How to do this?

  • Use color-safe products – Invest in shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for colored hair. These products help to preserve the color and keep the hair moisturized.
  • Keep away from heat – Limit the use of heat styling tools if you use them, protect your hair from the sun, and use heat-protectant sprays. Otherwise, your colored hair might get brassy.
  • Touch up your hair regularly – No color will remain vibrant forever, no matter what you do. This is why you should also plan regular touch-ups.

DIY vs. Professional Coloring

Knowing all the above, there’s just one more decision to make – should you color your hair at a salon or at home? Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

Home hair color kits have improved significantly, offering a wide range of colors and easy-to-follow instructions. Plus, they are cost-effective. On the other hand, a colorist will use a better-quality dye, and you’ll be sure that the outcome turns out as intended. The choice depends purely on your preferences and experience with coloring.

The Takeaway

Men’s hair color kits have become trendy. So, if you’re also tempted to dye your hair – just do it. After all, you already know which colors are popular, so you might try experimenting a little bit!