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Did Some Golfing This Morning

I went to golf with the boss today, he wanted to talk about this new project with a new client and he needed me to help with the details. That really is not his thing and I know the details inside out. At any rate this client is some way or another an even worse golfer than I am, but he is obsessed with the game and I could hardly care less about it. He took us to this course near the new Parc Life executive condo buildings, and told us that he had bought a four bedroom unit in the building that was closest to the golf course. He pointed it out to us, apparently it was on the top floor. At any rate we were playing and this guy really gets upset when he makes a bad shot. He is one of those guys that will fling his clubs after he messes up.

It was unbelievable, but the guy had a sand wedge and he was just not able to get his ball out of the sand trap. He was too close to the lip of the trap, so that even a really great golfer would have found it impossible to get it over the edge and onto the green. After about six tries he got really mad and slung that sand wedge as far as he could. The thing landed within about six feet of the group waiting on us to finish the hole. The guy that was closest to it did not appreciate the situation and it looked as though the two of them were going to throw down for a little bit. I was sitting there thinking about what I would do if it turned into a real problem, but fortunately the golf course people showed up.