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6 Key Features to Consider When Shopping for  Collaboration Software

 In recent years, the number of collaborative tools has increased. What once started as simply shared agendas has now developed into something extraordinary. Here are 6 key features to consider when shopping for collaboration software:


The shared calendar facilitates the organization of appointments and meetings without the need … Read More

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Rows of Controversial Applications on Smartphones

Currently, the existence of the application is undeniable has become an integral part of smartphone users. How not, the application is the core use of smartphones because it offers a variety of uses.

But regardless of the various functions are actually not a few applications also offer controversial functions. In … Read More

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The Future of Data Security Lies in Software Defined Storage Management

Imagine a software data center that allows you instant availability, provisioning, and efficiency for huge company documents and files workload. Today, you can develop shared industry-standard servers and storage pool of data without dedicated arrays. Thanks to the revolutionary software defined storage (SDS), business organizations now benefit from modular hardware … Read More

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Marijuana Dispensary POS Software: A Budtender’s Best Friend

With the groundbreaking days of the marijuana industry in front of us, it only makes sense to build the strongest company possible and be a pioneer in the industry. One of the easiest ways to gain a competitive advantage in this ever-changing industry is to embrace POS software custom-tailored for … Read More