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How to become a profitable small business in South Africa

Business in Africa is a-buzz and the South African landscape offers many different opportunities to small business owners.

If you are planning on moving to South Africa to start your business you will need to have business and work permits in order. If you are a South African citizen you … Read More

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Top 4 Recommended Hairstyles for Work

In today’s competitive work world, you have to look and act the part. Thus, for the woman who wants it all, a hairstyle that says, “I’m the boss” isn’t the worse thing to have (though it takes a back seat to your skill set — don’t forget that). The office … Read More

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How to Get Funding For a Business

Not having enough funds to run one’s business is nightmarish for small and new business owners. When it comes to raising capital, more established businesses are in a much better position to secure further money. Smaller business setups are in a shaky space because they sometimes do not have the … Read More