5 Types of Online Business in the Year 2015

From year to year, trends in online business are constantly changing. Here are 5 types of Online business that have existed for the last few years. I expect to boom (explode) again in 2015. Check this out!

1. Online Business like Online Shop

Each year, the number of online stores continues to grow. In addition to internet marketing practitioners. SME activists and conventional business owners are also starting a lot that penetrated into the online world. The purpose is to increase the number of consumers and reach a wider market. The reason for security in the financial (long term and some call it Anti banned). This is also one of the reasons many internet marketers who turn the bow into this field.

2. Google Adsense

Since the mass banned in about 2010-2011, many homeland publishers who abandoned the Google Adsense PPC program and flocked into Amazon and Clickbank affiliate programs. But starting around early 2014, many publishers are rebuilding blogs for Adsense after Google officially allow their ads to be shown on local language sites. The high growth of online stores also makes many local advertisers (online shop owners) go into Adwords to advertise their stores, making local Adsense earnings more promising as more ads are shown related to their site content.

3. Admob (Google Play)

The growth of mobile gadget users from year to year continues to increase sharply. Internet access is no longer dominated by computer users. Mobile devices that circulate in the market today are majority equipped with features to access the internet. From teenagers even children who still wear school uniforms can easily access the internet from their phones. Although it is just to facebook or to play the game online. For business people can take advantage of internet technology for mind mapping activity, check email, schedule task, and so forth.

Admob (mobile adsense ads version) comes as the best solution for internet marketers in monetizing the mobile market. Integrated with apps (mostly free) from the Google Play Store. Internet marketers who focus on this field enjoy their dollar coins flowing from android-based smartphone users who download their apps.

4. Paid Review / Guest Post / Blogpost

Many say the paid review is dead. The polular business from the very beginning I first learned blogging began to be much abandoned when Google began to raid many web-websites that are indications of spamming and manipulating Google Pagerank algorithm. But I predict this business can grow again, although on a different scale. If used to be a reference advertiser in choosing a blog for paid review is the amount of Pagerank, then now the benchmark is DA (domain authority), PA (page authority), Domain trust / trust flow and citation flow.

Although Google has said through their engineer Matt Cutts that paid links are dead, but the facts are different in the field. Many outside marketers believe that the most qualified backlinks today are backlinks from High Authority domains and Contextual Links (links in articles). And paid review through blogpost (other than PBN) is the answer of that. So if you want to build a web / blog for paid review, make sure the web you create is qualified. If that is fulfilled, then the advertiser will not hesitate to pay high for an article on your website.

Just a note, do not expect paid review can rise again with models like 4 – 6 years ago, spin content here and there, fake pagerank, blast backlinks from low authority sites etc. Because what advertisers are looking for now is a truly quality website, not just a place to put backlinks. Quality over quantity.

5. Online Business Service / Services

The services / services that I expect to remain booming in 2015 include online store creation services, SEO Services and Advertising Services (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads).

Online store creation services

The high growth rate of online stores in the country becomes a business field for internet marketers who have eaten salt acid in the business world but are lazy to enter the world online shop because the hectic (stock of goods, customer service, delivery of goods, etc.). By providing online shop creation services, they can earn money only by providing domain, hosting, installing cms and little site maintenance.

SEO Services

Google’s ever-changing algorithms in ranking sites in their SERP (search engine result pages) are making new players coming into online business and relying on organic traffic from Google dizziness. From Google Panda, Penguin to Hummingbird, whatever algorithm let alone Google will continue to improve their ranking system. From here, old players who have been poor across the world per-SEO-an can come in and become a solution for new players who are still struggling in seo activities to get visitors like writing SEO articles, looking for backlinks, doing keyword research and so forth.

Advertising Services (Google Adwords / Facebook Ads)

This service is also one of the effects of the constantly changing algorithm of Google. Which is makes the internet marketer increasingly difficult to conquer Google page 1. Get organic (natural) traffic. Ads are consider as one of the best solutions to get website visitors. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are the biggest source of ads to get website visitors. If you focus on this field, you can provide advertising services. Because many people still do not understand how to advertise good and right in the 2 advertising platforms above.

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