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How to Get Started Earning Money From Home Now – Our 3 Best Tips

How to Get Started Earning Money From Home Now – Our 3 Best Tips

Now you can earn money from the comforts of your home and it can be much easier than you thought. There are tonnes of resources out there to make the whole process eventually automated. Here are our three simple steps to get started now.

Start Affiliate Marketing.

The way some of the most successful internet marketers have gotten their start is through affiliate marketing. The role of an affiliate is to get consumers to click through to a vendor’s web pages and buy from them.

Most affiliate marketing products give the affiliate a commission of 5-75% of the total sale. In most cases if that consumer returns to buy another product, you will make a recurring commission.


One of the most automated and best affiliate resources to get started on is ClickBank. They have great quality products from almost every niche you can imagine, and sell like crazy earning affiliates and vendors hundreds of millions of dollars. All you need to do is sign up and get your hoplink.

A hoplink is what a consumer will click through to their webpage to buy the product. In your hoplink is your information embedded so that ClickBank can easily keep track of sales coming from you. You can post this hoplink almost anywhere: forums, blogs, Facebook, etc.


Once you start getting traffic through your hoplink, that is where you’re going to see the sales made and commissions earned. It may take some time, and you must stick with it. This will pay off, you will learn a lot, and make more money, which is the entire purpose.

The best sources of getting traffic now are through Facebook, Twitter, article marketing, email marketing, YouTube, and there are more. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of persistence. If you want to make money this way you need to persist until you make a few sales, and then repeat exactly how you did it. Utilize some best resources out there to get started now.