Main Capital Before Starting Business
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Main Capital Before Starting Business

the main capital to become a successful entrepreneur is a skill. Being a successful entrepreneur is an aspiration for business actors. But it will not happen easily if you are not qualified to become a successful entrepreneur. There will be no success without sacrifice, no matter how small the sacrifice you make.

Never fear failure when you are just starting a business. The most important thing in starting a business is confidence and keep on dreaming. Nowadays a lot of people are choosing to open their own business, why? One factor is of course because of the necessity of life. In addition to capital money, here are 6 business capital you need in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

The First Capital is Knowledge and ability

before you start to start a business you should first have basic knowledge and skills about entrepreneurship that you will occupy or run. It would be better also if your knowledge and skills have been qualified so that you will not find it difficult to run it. If you do not have the knowledge you should take the time to learn first as stock before starting the business.

Spirit and Hard Work

One of the causes of business failure is the non-maintaining spirit and hard work to promote business. So, when problems arise such as planning that is not in line with expectations will arise despair.

Dare to Take Risks

no business or business has no risk. To be able to advance in entrepreneurship then you as a businessman must dare to take risks that you must accept. The size of the risk that you face depends on the size of the business that you run.

Creative Thinking And Innovative

To advance a business, business requires innovation, for that creative thinking to promote business is needed. For example, if you open a pancake business, initially you may know that pancake only has one flavor that is original. But now it’s a lot of businessmen who sell many variants of flavor. Creative and innovative thinking is the key to success for your business.


In any case also make sure you always behave honestly, because of the honesty will arise a belief. As a business actor has an honest nature if your efforts want to be known by many people and trusted by your consumers.