Benefits of Utilize Voice-Activated Technology for Your Business
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Benefits of Utilize Voice-Activated Technology for Your Business

Voice-activated assistant technology reaches 20 million homes according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Voice-activated assistants are beginning to make headway in business, too. Consider practical ways you can use voice-activated assistants to improve your business.


Reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that two in three occupational illnesses result from repetitive movements. These muscle, tendon and nerve damage injuries cost companies $20 billion in Workers’ Compensation claims annually.

Reduce repetitive strain injuries when you employ voice-activated assistants. The technology enables employees to complete their tasks with ease and improves health, wellness and safety.

Broaden Your Labor Pool

Studies show that workers with vision or motor impairments take fewer days off work, experience fewer workplace injuries and enrich your workplace. However, these potential employees may be overlooked for certain positions because of their impairment.

Utilize voice-activated technology in your business, and you can expand your employee options. Improve talent, gain experienced employees, and enjoy the other benefits that result from hiring employees who rely on voice-activated technology.

Connect Faster to Customers

Forty-two percent of consumers who post online comments, questions or complaints expect to receive a reply from the company within 60 minutes. You may struggle to keep on top of your customer’s online interactions, though, as you juggle multiple responsibilities.

A voice-activated assistant can notify you when someone posts a comment on your social media pages, and it can provide instant access to information that helps you respond accurately. With this technology, you connect better with your customers and improve their experience and satisfaction with your brand.

Improve Efficiency

To access last quarter’s earnings report, you may need to leaf through folders on your desk or search your computer files. The tedious process wastes time and energy and is impossible to do if your hands are busy doing other tasks.

Voice-activated assistants improve efficiency throughout your business. Whether you need to find financial reports, order office supplies, take notes after a client meeting or pull up an informative video for a customer, talk to your voice-activated assistant. It handles your need, allows you to multitask and improves efficiency.

Boost Productivity

Let’s say you’re responsible to prepare the weekly staff meeting reports. While the average office worker types up to 70 words per minute, speech recognition programs produce 120 words per minute, freeing you to complete other tasks that may yield a higher ROI.

In addition to speeding through report prep, use your voice-activated assistant to take pictures, record videos or call clients. It helps you can get more work done during the day.

Connect Systems

As you walk around your business location, you may notice low inventory, missing OSHA signs or a broken door jamb. Your current process may require you to fill out paperwork or talk to someone in a different department before these issues are resolved.

A voice-activated assistant would connect your systems. For example, use it to schedule a repair as you stand in front of the broken door. You can use the technology to improve inventory management, improve security and streamline communications, which saves times and money and transforms your company operations.

Prepare Your Business for Voice-Activated Assistants

Despite all the practical benefits, your business may not be ready to support voice-activated assistants. Take several steps now as you prepare your company to maximize new technology.


A variety of security challenges plague voice-activated assistants. They can be hacked, used as listening devices or attacked by malware. Implement security measures that protect your company’s sensitive information. Also establish policies that guides employee behavior if they take devices home or use of personal devices for business purposes.


Boost Wi-Fi capabilities or improve connectivity between devices as you prep your company’s infrastructure for voice-activated assistants. Consider which devices you’ll purchase, too, as you meet all your needs.


When all your employees speak into their devices at the same time, the voice-activated assistants may misinterpret what they hear, which makes the technology impractical. Headsets with microphones or office layout changes can reduce noise and improve functionality.


Equipping your business with new technology and repairing or replacing broken, worn or outdated devices over time can be expensive. Plan to upgrade slowly as you budget for this valuable expense.

Voice-activated assistants are here to stay. Implement them into your business as you gain several practical benefits.

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