6 Things to Remember While Buying a Dog House
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6 Things to Remember While Buying a Dog House

Ate you about to get a new home for your furry friend? Your friend would love to have its own private cozy corner that is especially built for it. However, buying a dog house is never a piece of cake. There is a number of things to consider to ensure a perfect buy.

Size of the house

The size of the house would be dependent on the size of your dog. The one for a Labrador would certainly differ from that of a pug. So, always keep in mind the breed of the dog while getting the house. It should be big enough to allow easy meandering but cozy enough to assure the pet doesn’t feel lonely in a large room. If your dog is still a pup, don’t forget he would overgrow himself soon by next year. Thus, size of the house would also depend on the adult size of the dog.

Wood or plastic

There is a common dilemma on whether to choose between a plastic one and a wooden one. The plastic option is lightweight and more affordable compared to wood. But then, if you want something truly classy, wood is the thing for you. Moreover, wood is more durable and carries insulated properties to ensure a cozy haven for your furry friend.

Decay-resistant wood

Wooden dog houses are susceptible to rotting over time. This is one of the main reasons why many pet owners prefer plastic over wood today. However, you can let go off your worries by getting homes in decay-resistant wood like redwood or cedar.

Consider dog house shopping directories

You should always get a comparative survey on 6-7 dog houses before you get a one for your pet. There are online directories to help you here and you can check best dog houses by Paw Castle. The directories offer a compact review on each of the dog houses listed to help you with an informed decision. You will even get a list of the benefits of reviewed dog houses so that you can have an idea on the best aspects of each house at a glance.

Does it allow easy cleanup?

This is another important point to consider while you are getting a house for your pet. As with your own house, a pet home too needs regular cleaning & maintenance. Thus, be smart enough to choose a house that assures easy cleanup. Look for dog houses with crowned floor and detachable roof.

Does it have vents?

If you stay in warmer climate zone, look for a dog house with vents for proper air circulation and comfortable stay.

Finally, make sure the dog house has got a self-closed door.