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An Overview of TransUnion

An Overview of TransUnion

TransUnion is the third largest credit agency in the United States. It deals with providing consumer credit information to creditors. TransUnion has a global base of 500 million consumers and 45,000 businesses.

TransUnion started out in the year 1968 as the holding organization of Union Tank Car Organization, which was into the business of rail-car lending. Subsequently in 1969, TransUnion acquired the Credit Bureau of Cook County, and became on the first organizations to switch to an electronic data retrieval system. The 1970s and 1980s was a time of growth for the organization, with new offices being established all over the nation. Finally by 1988, TransUnion had grown to such an extent within the United States that it maintained information on virtually all market-active citizens in the country.

Bolstered by this growth, TransUnion diversified into Business Analytics and Intelligence in the 1990s.

It also strengthened its roots in the business-to-business offerings. Over the last decade, the organization consolidated the direct-to-consumer business with the acquisition of . This acquisition has enabled TransUnion’s online offerings to significantly increase and it now uses ‘s tools to ensure consumer safety in the digital environment. Today, the organization, which had its humble beginnings in 1968 is now active all over the world and manages one of the largest consumer information datasets in the world.

TransUnion has also been hugely successful in the Auto Lending industry. Its marketing tools enable auto lending agencies track customer usage and trends and offer an insight into customers who might be in need of a new auto loan. Not wanting to be limited to one sector, TransUnion offers marketing solutions for all the major industries, some of which include Financial Services, Portfolio Management, Healthcare, Insurance and Credit Unions. Such services enable lenders from all sectors to gauge how consumers are reacting to their brands.

TransUnion also has a strong suite of services it offers to consumers, and some of these include Collections and Location Services, Fraud and Identity Management as well as Income and Debt Analysis. These services, combined with the fact that they are being offered for all major industries like Insurance, Healthcare and Financial Services make TransUnion a leader in the world of credit lending.

Not only has TransUnion been successful in the United States, it has managed to translate this growth overseas. A true multinational organization, it offers the same services over 32 countries all over the world.