Black Women Entrepreneurs : Black Entrepreneur News
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Black Women Entrepreneurs : Black Entrepreneur News

As the time flies, gender is not anymore to be the reason why women can’t enter the business world. Even though women are considered to have character that are difficult to understand, but that what makes women and men different in making decision. There are some aspects that make women better in administration, multitasking, and negotiation. For more serious, colored  or black women start to find their way in business field. You can find black entrepreneur news through mass media. Take a look at black women who are change makers like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. They have spoke up and promote other black women to influence around. Not only these, there are still other discussion about black entrepreneur news below.

The Number of Companies Owned by Black Women Grew

According to 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report, the number of companies owned by black women grows significantly from 2017 to 2018. Most of the companies owned by women from 35 to 54. It reached stunning 164% that made black women are the ethnic group which own more business than their male peers. This is the first point of black entrepreneur news.

For Some Reasons Black Women Try Higher Rate of Business

There are some reason why then black women try higher rate of business. The way society treated them becomes the main reason why they made an opposition in business world. They kind of motivated to make their existence appreciated. Not only because of that, there are still other reasons which are higher unemployment rates and racial salary gap. Based on these issues, they try higher business to complete needs. It’s clear that there is still possibility for black women to participate in labor market in the field of education, accounting, and engineering. This important entrepreneur news to know from black women.

Difficulty  in Accessing Credit and Capital Constraints

Besides good black women news, there is also the bad news. Although it shows its existence, according to a report, annual business sales are smaller than the next lowest demographic groups. The amount is still below the business by white women. According to Federal Reserve, it was about $27,752 in 2012 compared to $143,731 for all women and $170,587 for white women. Difficulty in accessing credit and capital constraints that caused this issue. It’s the third point of black entrepreneur news to know.