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Business Opportunity in Lolly Pop

Business Opportunity in Lolly Pop

This is another money making opportunity that will help you to fling joblessness aside in order to gain financial freedom, Lolly pop is an orange drink for children and interested adults take it as refreshment if properly processed. One good thing about production of Lolly pop is that water constitutes ninety-five percent of the ingredients that is used to produce it, in other words you do not need loan from any bank before you can start this business all you need is the production knowledge and few domestic equipments that is common to every home.

Like I just said it is money making opportunity that will help you to generate huge amount of income if properly processed and packaged according to the accepted standard of NAFDAC, the need for cold drinks is inevitable especially during the high summer, so the idea of making it available will surely earn you lots of money.

Water being one of the cheapest natural resources constitutes ninety five percent of the entire ingredients but it must be properly treated and confirmed suitable for consumption before using it for production of Lolly pop, in fact I suggest you use portable water or you read one of my post on water treatment so that you can discover how to purify your water by yourself.

The importance of water treatment can not be overemphasized as it determines the quality of the final products, so it is very essential to treat water in order to eliminate microbes, control chemical concentration and remove all forms of harmful effect. Income flow becomes very easy when you can provide what people want exactly the way they want it, so you must be safety conscious bearing in mind that the health of the consumers depends on their intake.

Suitable conditions for the production of Lolly pop includes:

o The production field and its environment must be properly cleaned and sanitized.

o Equipments, apparatus and machinery must be arranged in an easily accessed form.

o Ingredients must be arranged in the progressive order of production.

o Apparatus and utensils must be properly cleaned and sterilized.

Quality of water used in the production of Lolly pop:

o It must be odorless

o It must have good taste

o It must be very clean &safe

o It must be neutral

o It must not be corrosive

o It must not be hardened

o It must not contain toxic substances

o It must not contain impurities

Apparatus used in the production of Lolly pop are

Polythene nylon of smaller size

Standing freezer (may be double doors)


Sealing machine


Ingredients Formula

Water 1000mls

Sugar to taste

Color to taste

Flavor to taste

Citric acid 13mls (optional)

Note: the colorants used for consumable product is the edible type and it is water soluble type in case of Lolly pop and citric acid which is used as preservative agent is only used when your product is to stay for a long period of time, (so it is optional) it also gives the real orange taste to Lolly pop


Make solution of sugar in a properly cleaned mixer,

Add color as desired

Followed by orange flavor (small drop)

Lastly, add citric acid about 13%

You can now measure in to nylon, seal up with the aid of electric sealing machine finally keep in freezer to solidify at freezing point.