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Carbon Fiber Vs. Steel in Automotive Manufactures

The demand for the manufacture of lighter automobiles increased environment conservation campaigns, and customer satisfaction focus greatly dictates the industry’s direction. All those factors are affected by the materials used in automotive manufacturing.

For some reason, steel and carbon fiber have been the most widely used material in the manufacturing of vehicle parts in the modern world today. However, there is a huge debate between the two materials – which is the best. Selecting the best material is not a walk in park because many factors need to be considered.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Carbon Fiber

If you are looking for elegance and style to boost the appearance of manufacturing vehicles, carbon is the way to go. Why? Carbon made automobiles have lower weight hence faster speed and high-performance rate. They are also affordable.

However, when it comes to durability and maintenance, it suffers some cons. Carbon made vehicles tend to lose their shiny clear color within a short period of time compared to other materials used in the industry. The carbon material does not work on its own – it is reinforced by the use of plastics and polymers to make it stronger.

Why Steel???

Naturally, steel is a hard metal. This gives the automobile more power and resilience as compared to carbon. The vehicles last longer in terms of appearance, shape, and even agility. Most of the so-called “big boys” heavy-duty machines are made using pure metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, and magnesium.

Steel made automotive are heavy, making them stable and on the road, powerful and aggressive. The rectangular tubing steel, for instance, makes the best exhaust pipes for a motor. They are also known to maintain their shiny clear color over a long period.

What Are Their Shortcomings

Even if something is good, it must have its own shortcomings. Carbon fiber made vehicles suffer the risk of complete damage in case of an accident. If this occurs, a car can be completely written off. The fact that carbon fiber is fragile makes it life-threatening. If an accident occurs, the chances of surviving are very low.

On the other hand, steel is strong but can still harm the passengers or the driver on board. It is neither the best, but at least survival chances are likely.

Prediction for The Future

The development of automotive keeps growing every day due to many influences. The production industries keep on showing concern making strong, light, and more powerful machines. Due to the changing nature affected by the rapidly growing technology, the two can still not be ruled out as the best.