Diabetic Products – Smart Ways to Save Money

Diabetic Products – Smart Ways to Save Money

The cost of having to buy diabetic products is financially draining. From buying a blood glucose meter to maintaining an ample supply of insulin, expenses just keep on adding up. You spend a few thousand dollars on test strips in one year alone and that still does not include expenses on blood monitoring supplies like glucometer, that may need to be replaced from time to time, disposable insulin syringes, injections, needles, pens, foot care products, and frequent trips to the doctor.

Needless to say, cutting back on your expenses is a welcome prospect. Here are some useful tips that can help you save on diabetic products:

Talk to your insurance provider. Although very limited, there are insurance companies that cover your expenses on diabetic products. Some companies pay for your blood glucose meters, insulin injections, medications, and other diabetes supplies. To know the extent of coverage you can get, it is best to talk to your insurance provider. But, be sure to clarify all your concerns with a qualified insurance personnel. Many consumers end up paying more than what they initially expected because they were misinformed. Be sure to ask whether only a particular brand is covered and whether test strips, for example, can be reimbursed.

Ask for a free glucometer. Many companies, insurance companies and manufacturers alike, give away free glucometers. Drugstores and pharmacies have a lot of perks that could help you save a couple of dollars on glucometers as well. If you look hard enough, you may even find free coupons in magazines and pharmacy flyers. The truth is, glucometers don’t really have to burden your budget for diabetes treatment. The easiest way to get them for free is to simply call the manufacturer of the blood glucose meter and ask for a free sample, if they are offering one, or express your interest in buying their new product. This can also work with all other diabetic products like syringes, lancets, infusion sets, needle tips, and insulin cartridges.

Buy your supplies online. You will be surprised by how much money you can save by just browsing on diabetic products online. With the exception of some online vendors that mark up their products excessively, there are plenty of online sellers who give huge discounts on their products. Some sellers can give as much as 50% discount on their products with free shipping, and sometimes a free item or two. When looking for an online supplier, make sure you find one that provides all the supplies you need.

Buy in bulk. Buying your diabetic supplies wholesale can save you delivery costs, dispensing fees and other expenses associated with purchasing drugs regularly.

Replace your medications with generic drugs. Generic drugs may look different from brand name drugs, but their efficiency and effects on the body are practically the same. Their price does not speak of their quality, but ratherf the absence of patent protection, which costs a lot.

Do not let up on your medications. Some people have the tendency to stop taking their medications once symptoms of diabetes subside, thinking that they can save on medication expenses this way. In the long run, this would not only prove detrimental, but will also pile up your expenses later to address complications that may arise.