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Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand – 5 Top Finance Tips

Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand – 5 Top Finance Tips

When it comes to our own money and finance a lot of us have good ideas and the desire to keep our finances straight but putting them into practice with monitoring and watching our finances can leave a lot to be desired! Had you thought that some minor adjustment may be needed or on the other hand it might need a complete reworking of your personal finance! Being ahead of the game and on top of your money, so to speak, is a continual job that requires a lot of effort. But despite this you should not baulk at the idea and only through knowing your finances can you help to get the best out of what you have. The ideas below should also help you in straightening out!

First of all see what you pay out. Write down everything you spend out during the course of a month and look on your bank account to clarify this, in case you miss any. You may be able to cut out some or a lot of it and hence save yourself some money. For example if you are buying too many lunches when at work then it may be you need to make your own sandwiches or if you are paying for a gym membership that you no longer use then you could cancel it and be quids in.

Jot all of your outgoing down and see it written in black and white. You will never know for sure how much and what you spend until you write it all down, you can then work with that and look at making changes. A guess isn’t good enough.

Try to live within your means and if you buy something on your credit card then try to pay it off within the same month to avoid paying high interest rates.

Know where you want to be in terms of your financial goals and then you can set yourself smaller milestones to achieve to help you on your way to you main target. In this way you can see actual progress in the short term as well as moving towards long term goals. So if you want a new car, then save A�x per month until this is achieved. No-one said it would be easy, you have to work hard if you want to achieve in this life!

Try and be self-sustainable and conserve your finance. By this I mean spend what you have not what you think you have. If you spend more than you earn, then you are on a downward spiral that will not end financially well for you. By being sensible and planning things you can achieve financial success and anything you desire.