Entrepreneur News India These Days to Know
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Entrepreneur News India These Days to Know

Same as the other countries in Asia, India also experiences business development. You can look at it through entrepreneur news India. There are bunch of business news include entrepreneurs. You might want to find inspiration to improve your entrepreneurship. That’s why you need to follow this article because it’s beneficial. You might find some ideas for business opportunity after reading the entrepreneur news India.

Get Inspiration from Sport Stars

As a city for the test match between India and Afghanistan, Bangalore becomes a historic place for non-cricketing reason. There is an Entrepreneur Organization which gathers some influential people in sports to motivate entrepreneurs. The President of EO says that there are analogies between sports and entrepreneurship. It means that people can utilize their sport skill to incorporate the company. If you want this way, you can apply it in your business.

Private Cooking Class

Still in Bangalore, there is an innovation of private cooking class. It appears according to the problem faced by a businessman and vegetarian named Aditya Subramaniam. He decides to hire a private tutor to take a hands-on cooking class. It’s very helpful for him because he has not enough time to learn to cook. Besides it can be done in his kitchen, it also gives experience for the techniques and kitchen management. This number two of entrepreneur news India can be an inspiration for you to get business opportunity. As it’s becoming trend, there are many people who are looking for this service.

The Reason Why 83% of the Employees Want to be Entrepreneurs

According to a survey by Dutch Multinational Human Resource, South Asian country has that sharp number to take the entrepreneurial path. In India, it seems like entrepreneurship becomes a seasonal choice. There are significant percentage of 83% which is higher than Global Average of 53%. Most of the employees are hoping to be entrepreneurs. It’s supported with the digital development that helps Indian start up industry. No wonder that there are many big global company enter the Indian market these days. This is the number three of entrepreneur news India to know.