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Four Tips to Separate Personal Life From Business Life in a Home Based Business

Four Tips to Separate Personal Life From Business Life in a Home Based Business

Working from home has its ups and downs. It’s ups include flexibility of hours, going in to work whenever you want, and if you have an online business, working anywhere you want. However, owning a home based business means that your personal life can get in the way. From cleaning the house, to playing with kids, and even fixing meals, all of these can be a distraction. It’s actually hard to separate personal life from business life when it comes to home based business owners.

If you want to keep your business on track, check out these tips I have gathered for you:

1.) Probably the easiest way to separate home business life from personal life is to create a work schedule. Set a time each day to work on your business. In doing so, you’ll be able know when you can tend to those personal things in your life. Think of it like this: When you had a regular job, whenever you went to work, it was just for work. No matter what, you couldn’t talk to your friends on the phone, you couldn’t get the groceries even though you needed to. Well, do that with your business. If you can just set a time everyday to JUST WORK, you’ll easily be able to JUST WORK. After the work time, then you can tend to your personal needs.

2.) When you start “working from home” your friends will start to consider this time to hang out since you are at home. The best solution to this is to let them know that the time you scheduled to work on your business, is your work time. Instead of telling them you’re at home working, just tell them you’re working. Say the same thing you would if they were to call you while you were at your regular job. Soon enough, they’ll understand that you actually do have work to do, and will probably hit you up later in the day when you’re done with work.

3.) You do own a business, meaning you’re the boss. Since you are the boss, you can work anytime you want. So, with that being said, don’t schedule your work around everyone else’s time. Schedule your work when you feel that you’re productive. You may be a night owl and are more productive during the night, or you may be an early bird and are more productive during the morning. Also, you can schedule when to take a break and when to get back to work. So, take advantage of that and schedule properly so that way, you can tend to your personal needs when you want, and do the productive things at times you are most productive.

4.) If you get business calls and personal calls on the same line, it can be a major problem. The best step to separating these calls is to have a separate line for business. It may actually be much better, if you had a voicemail for your business line as it not only makes you look more professional, but you can also set a time to answer those voicemails. Which in turn provides more time to be productive.

If you follow these tips, you can be a lot more productive. Also, you’ll still be able to have a life instead of working all the time.