Having the Right URL Makes All the Difference
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Having the Right URL Makes All the Difference

“Sharing is caring” as they used to say. These days, we share just about everything with one another. We often point to social media when we talk about sharing, but it is also increasingly true in other parts of our economy as well. We share our homes for a price via AirBNB. We share our cars for a price with Lyft and Uber. We just like to share what we have and use our combined resources to get things done.

For a small business owner or anyone who runs an operation online that sells something, sharing is highly important as well. This is the type of person who wants people to share their information as far and wide as possible. It is not always easy to get people to share information about you if they do not have incentive to do so. Also, when they do, you want to make it as easy for them as possible. Try your very best to think about this when selecting the URL for your website.

The Address to Where You Are

Every website has an address. Some of them are incredibly well known (think Facebook, Google, etc.), but most are obscure websites to the vast majority of people. The way that they can be discovered is either through organic search via a search engine or through people sharing the link with others. Ideally, you would like both of these things to be happening at once.

How to Get People to Share

There is not one unique way to have people share your web address. You just have to keep trying things until something sticks. That being said, there are a few ideas that some people have tried which seem to have worked out pretty well for them. These include doing things like making the web address as fun as possible to read. Yes, this may sound a little silly at first, but it really does make a difference.

People like to see something that sticks out on the Internet. The Internet is a very crowded place, so you really have to be unique with it. Fortunately, there are more endings to a web address available now than there were in the past. You can create your own so as to make it stand out from the pack.

How to Get Search Engines to Care

Search engines run on algorithms that select which results will pop up based on any number of factors. SEO websites have incredible tips for those who are just getting started on this. They can show you how picking just the right web address can help you get the results you are looking for from your pick.

A lot of this has to do with search engine optimization and playing to what the search engines are looking for today. However, it never hurts to pay up for some featured spots on the search engines as well. This may be greasing the wheels a little bit, but if it works for you, then there is nothing wrong with that.