How To Enjoy The Holiday Season When You’re In Financial Crisis

How To Enjoy The Holiday Season When You’re In Financial Crisis

Dealing with financial hardship is extremely stressful and adding a Holiday like Christmas to the mix, is a recipe for disaster. With the rush for holiday parties, busy malls loaded with screaming kids, store clerks who have run out of patience and gift buying, millions of people will suffer from depression during the Holiday season. Don’t fall into the trap of Christmas being about gorgeous decorations, expensive gifts and grand parties. Christmas has turned into a money grab but don’t allow yourself to fall into a deeper depression. Here are ways to help you cope with the holiday blues:

First try and remember what the holidays are really about, then throw away your big Christmas shopping list. Most people are dreading buying gifts and each year they’re hoping that someone will start the “no gift exchange” rule. Almost everyone’s Christmas budget is getting tighter with each year. As a family, you can all decide to change up the tradition and trade existing items that you already have and no longer need or have never used with each other or just get creative and come up with new traditions such as making your own gifts to save everyone money.

Another great way to feel good this holiday is to volunteer! You can celebrate Christmas Day by volunteering your time at the Salvation Army who’s goal is to raise money in order to help prepare and serve a Christmas dinner to those who have no place to go on Christmas Day. Donating your time for this cause is a great gift not only for those in need but also to yourself. Nothing is more valuable than that, not even money!

Bake fresh cookies. The warm smell of fresh baked goodies really makes it feel like Christmas. If you don’t have the time to bake from scratch, buy the already prepared and packaged cookies that just need to be cut and put into the oven for baking.

Turn on the radio. There is always at least one station that plays Christmas music and listening to Christmas music is a great way to get into the Holiday spirit with its warm wishes and holiday sound. Try to listen to it every chance you get and really listen to the lyrics which is an instant reminder of the spirit of Christmas.

So don’t get discouraged this Christmas and know that there are many ways to enjoy the holidays without having to spend money!

Prudent Financial Services wishes you and you’re loved ones a Happy Holiday Season!