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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy – No Matter What Your Budget

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy – No Matter What Your Budget

Pet ownership is both entertaining and therapeutic. Like many thing, it costs money. In some cases substantial money! Listed below are 10 “out of the box” money saving tips to help you enjoy pet ownership without breaking the bank.

Tip 1: Keep your dog or cat entertained and active: If your pet is board they are more likely to try and destroy your house, which will cost you more.

Tip 2: Key up a deal with a butcher for bones: Dogs love bones. Ask your local butcher if they can give you some for free or for a small price. Many butchers will be happy to get rid of them.

Tip 3: Human combs for cats: A lot of vets are now recommending a simple human comb to brush your cat with. For only a dollar or so it is worth a try.

Tip 4: Old shoes and teddy bears: What can we make great chew toys.

Tip 5: Build your own hutch: With some cheap wood and wire, and some basic instructions you can easily (well relatively easily) build your own hutch.

Tip 6: Share pets: Out of the box we know, but some neighbours and/or friends do share pets. It means half the feeding and vet costs, but probably also half the love.

Tip 7: Build your own aviary: A few pot rivets and a bit of metal does the well as some training from your local hardware store!

Tip 8: Compost and soil: Yes the left over mess from your animals can grow good don’t need to add anything else to this!

Tip 9: Consider chickens: If your local municipality allows it, then consider having a chicken run. Chickens get rid of your weeds and provide you with organic eggs for free.

Tip 10: Pet shows: They can be fun for yourself and your pet, you get to socialise, and possibly win some money or some prizes.